74 Rules for Politics

Politics is not a science but an art and those who do not command this art should stay out of politics. Here are some other rules of politics: Never ever apologise. Never. Never believe your own propaganda. Never close a door totally. If gutter boys...

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Politics is not a science but an art and those who do not command this art should stay out of politics. Here are some other rules of politics:

Never ever apologise. Never.

Never believe your own propaganda.

Never close a door totally.

If gutter boys start fighting, you get into the gutter and beat the crap out of them.

It is about friend and foe.

A political price has nothing to do with a market price.

Foe, arch foe, party comrade.

Never, never, ever give up, or give in (Winston Churchill).

Finish your schooling, train on the job, do it well, get established and then go into politics (Hermann Withalm).

Only from a firm fundament are you able to build bridges (Rudolf Kirchschlaeger).

Never forget the pays reel.

You should be competent enough to know for what you are incompetent and stupid.

Don’t lift a stone that is too heavy for you (Heinrich Wanko).

Rules are rules, and rule number one is that there are no rules.

To be decent and agreeable does not mean putting a ‘kick me’ sign on your backside.

In politics there is no thankfulness and no friendship. Whoever maintains that is either very naïve or very cunning (Bruno Kreisky).

There is time for tolerance and compromise or pas de prisoneurs.

Do well and talk about it. Political advertisement, like all kinds of advertisement, can never be simple enough, repetitive enough and impressive enough.

The real big fat lie is most easily believed.

Build the beaten enemy golden bridges.

You are only right at the right time and at the right place. If you are right too early, you are wrong.

Never forget a face or a name.

Observe, evaluate, decide, and then wait for the right moment.

Let others be chatterboxes.

The dogs bark, the caravan goes on.

Journalists would also have failed in another profession (Otto von Bismarck).

The beaten enemy of today could be your ally tomorrow.

No need to kick and spit on a already-fallen enemy.

It pays to speak respectfully about dead foes and adversaries.

Either you have that killer instinct or you are second row.

Negotiation and mediation skills are most important but sometimes you have to muddle through or beat yourself with the rapier through any enemy’s parade.

After very careful consideration, comes the intrepid daring.

Quality handshakes pay off.

Never forget to go in time at the top of success. Nothing more embarrassing than downstairs in energy, quality, performance whatever.

Delegate, delegate, delegate.

You are a leader or you are nothing.

A first class leader has a first class team, a second class one has a third or fourth class team.

You don’t save the world by working 16 hours a day.

La crueldad de hoy es la clemencia de manana (Spanish proverb).

If you behave like you could be f****d, you will be f****d.

The practice of facts is always right.

Don’t deceive, don’t be deceived, and don’t deceive yourself.

A consilium is always fine.

You do not need to be an expert, but you should be able to distinguish between a quack and an expert.

Facilis sumus in verbo is politics and non facilis sumus in verbo is law and science.

You have to speak their language.

Your heart shall be with your cause, but never be sentimental.

You terminate a relationship, a treaty, a coalition whatever not the others.

Authority and power must go hand in hand.

You can trick some people all the time, and all people for some time, but never all people forever (Abraham Lincoln).

Better have people inside the tent pissing out, than outside the tent pissing in (Abraham Lincoln).

Fickle is the favour of the people, or the sovereign (Donald Duck).

If washed up, shut up!

To be nice to dogs, cats, horses and babies pays off.

Throw the heart over the hurdle and follow (Austrian riders proverb).

Treat naggers and little pissers the way they deserve to be treated, with ice cold contempt.

Bullies are cowards: attack and they will flee. Ask for mercy and understanding, and they will beat you up.

Qui excuse, accuse! No defence, counter-attack.

A character assassination is an assassination: no mercy, no pardon, no clemency. The assassins into the dust!

Political power comes out of the barrel of the gun (Mao Zedong).

In war you can never have enough money, enough troops, enough ships, enough weapons, or enough planes etc.

You cannot be strong enough, first in principle, and second in the decisive field or area.

If weak, play on time, delay, draw out, curtail.

You always meet people twice.

You may be feared or hated but never be ridiculed.

Hit first, hit hard, keep on hitting (Admiral Jack Fisher).

Never be part of a bubble in which all people have the same attitude and opinion.

Send the spittle lickers, brown nosers and yes men to your enemy as valuable experts.

You have to have a backbone, so respect it with others.

The more bureauCRAZY, the less you achieve. Bullshit, cut them down!

All people pleased, nobody can achieve.

Treat scum, riff raff and rabble as such, especially if journalists.

Whoever bribes can be bribed.

Always come to an end!

And that it is!

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