The left-right spectrum can be overly simplistic. It is important to note specific ideologies in political analysis.

I created this ‘political triangle’ based on a version I saw in Leon and Frances Louw’s book, South Africa: The Solution. I believe it quite accurately shows where libertarianism, classical liberalism and anarchy lies relative to the traditional left-right paradigm, and is superior to the circular, squar or linear version of the political compass.

Where do you stand?


  • Nicholas Woode-Smith

    How I’ve always understood it is that authoritarianism and libertarianism are methods in which to gain a goal and left-right are the goals themselves.

    Leftism is historically meant to be the ideology of progress, and in this regard the capitalists during the French Revolution were left-wing. Of course, progress and conservatism always change their face and leftism has come to refer to politically correct insanity.

    This is an interesting take on the system and I like it over the others, but it is still vastly limited in the range of ideologies and the degree of their belief.

    In regards to your question: Classical Liberal – Minarchist. Definitely.