A Rage Against the Eternal ‘Victim’ Status

There is nothing more satisfying to the collectivist than the eternal victim. It is the mainstay of being a ‘race-baiter’ or a ‘race-pimp’. A race-baiter is any person who uses racial tensions or racially charged incidents to arouse the passion and ire of a particular...

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There is nothing more satisfying to the collectivist than the eternal victim. It is the mainstay of being a ‘race-baiter’ or a ‘race-pimp’. A race-baiter is any person who uses racial tensions or racially charged incidents to arouse the passion and ire of a particular demographic. And a race-pimp is a race monger who feeds off of racial tensions. They offer nothing but a racially-charged narrative. The words race-pimp and race-baiter can be used synonymously but when pointing out individual incidents or commentaries, I prefer to use the word race-baiter.

You’re probably wondering what race-baiting has to do with acquiring victim status. The race-baiter uses racial tensions to gain political yardage that they’d otherwise not gain through intellectually-honest means. They portray themselves and the demographics they want to raise the passion of, as victims oppressed by amongst many other things: colonialism, neo-colonialism, white-monopoly capital, etc. The race-baiter knows that if they can acquire victim status, it’ll be highly difficult to hold them to a reasonable standard of accountability. Trying to hold them to that standard would be tantamount to victim-blaming and this would feed into the race-baiter’s trap. This contrived victim status also grants immunity to the race-baiter to spew the most vile and bigoted forms of racist commentary.

Malusi Ndwandwe

An example of this immunity is how the Bikoist and Afro-centrist intelligentsia have changed the normal definition of racism – that is, to have hatred or prejudice based on race – to having hatred, prejudice, etc. and ‘power’. The Bikoists and Afro-centrists will claim that since Black people have no ‘economic power’, they cannot be racist. This is, of course, self-serving nonsense that stands to ensure that the race-baiter is never held to account for their vile commentary, wherever it may exist. And yes, I regard Afro-centrism and Bikoism as not only collectivistic in nature, but also a form of race-baiting and race-pimping. In practice, this is what Afro-centrism has to offer: fueling, if not creating, racial tensions to further that particular organization’s ambitions.

The ambitions are numerous, but the main aim is to form a collectivistic society based on any number of collectivistic doctrines and ideologies, like socialism, communism, or even fascism. The irony with race-baiters is that they’ll advocate for a particular demographic to get preferential treatment irrespective of the competence of a candidate. They’ll get on the airways and talk until they are blue in the face about how a particular demographic is being marginalised or disadvantaged. Legislation will be passed and strictly enforced. When these candidates get looked over on serious projects or cases, they’ll still whine about how their candidacy is a mere front to make up for EE (employment equity) numbers. But that’s what they asked for, and that’s what they got. And now they are the victims again? That is the endgame of lowered-standards entry. Candidates are expected not to be competent enough to handle the major aspects of their careers and hence they’ll be overlooked. This is one point the EE advocates can’t address without race-baiting. A race-baiter will analyse any question of competence as a racist notion to ensure certain demographics do not get into the sector. Thanks to the baiting, the question of competence becomes a tool of oppression. But one hypothetical question I’d ask any race-baiter, when accused of a heinous crime and thus with the prospects of lengthy jail time (if not capital punishment): will they unconditionally appoint a quota advocate to act on their behalf? I get varied responses but most will not do it. They’d look for the best their money can afford.

You’re probably wondering how a race-baiter addresses the possibility of dissent within the target demographic they are trying to raise the passions of; that is to say, when a Black person dissents against #BlackLivesMatter, etc. It’s brutally simple: they’d shame them with labels like ‘Oreo’, ‘coconut’, ‘Uncle Tom’, or use Bikoist language, saying that they aren’t ‘black’, but rather ‘non-white’. As you can see, the race-baiter does not like dissent very much. After all, the victim status grants them immunity from any criticism, or so they reckon.

My message to the liberty-loving community is to tread carefully around race-baiters, but don’t be afraid to take them on. A counter-narrative is essential considering past incidents and how race-baiters are unashamedly doing their ‘baiting’ in the mainstream media. It’s hard to take on a race-baiter using objective logic, since they aren’t bothered by it, and have instead developed their own parallel ‘logic’. Use their internal logic against them! That is, if they truly wanted to address disadvantage, why are they then entrenching inferiority via lowered standards? Also, what I’d like to see is more of the target demographic dissenting against race-baiters. This will, in a way, force them to fall on their own sword and become the oppressive entity they despise.

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  1. Mervyn Reply


    1. Niel Reply

      You are an excellent example of the “race-baiter” mentioned in the article, you stepped into the trap!! Idiot!

      1. Marlene Reply

        Interesting reply, could you enlighten us on how he is an excellent example of the “race-baiter” mentioned in the article. I have read the article and since I do like to improve my own education daily I would sincerely like to hear your view and understand it as well. Thank you. Kind regards Marlene.

    2. Tienie Reply

      DA= anc light. Moesie sal alles wart maak. Nooit weer DA nie.

      1. cecilia behrens Reply

        Ek self is ook bang daarvoor.n Mens moet hier jou gesonde verstand wat die liewe Vader ons gegee het,gebruik en nie jou gevoel/hart nie……dan sit ons weer waar ons nou sit……..met FW en kie.

        Nouja ek gee nie om of wit swart rooi of pienk geel of groen regeer nie.Ek wil net gelukkig wees.Daar moet na ALMAL gekyk word ongeag velkleur.(en dit sal nooit gebeur nie….) Alleen dan sal Suid Afrika n groot sukses wees.

        Ek spreek nie dood,maar hier sal moet baie water in die see moet loop…voordat dit gebeur….

  2. Ace Jack Reply

    Wow Malusi, that’s really well written and argued. Kudos!

  3. Byron Reply

    Wowser!! That’s beautifully succinct and timeous commentary. Kudos to you Malusi.

  4. Chelsea Reply

    Brave, powerful writing. I hope you get a lot more exposure.

    1. cecilia Reply

      Baie goed gestel.
      Wens almal het so gedink dan was ons n baie mooi reenboognasie wat omgee vir ons mooi land.
      Ek glo ons sal nog daar uitkom.20jaar vorentoe.

  5. J HOFMEYR Reply



    U GO MALUSI !!

  6. Pieter Krige Reply

    Well worded, brilliant opinion piece. Flickers of hope for 2016. I sense a change in the wind. Cheers for this, made my day.

  7. Rudi Reply

    Well said, sir. Very well said. It’s a funny thing, we in the white community have our own version of this that is sadly increasing in prominence: an odd admixture of right-wing identity politics and social justice-style talking points. It’s very easy to throw logic out the window when it caters to your own prejudices, so we all have to guard against it. These identity politicians are playing divide and conquer and enriching themselves at the cost of both individuals, as well as the country as a whole. They’re only in it for themselves and feel nothing for the well-being of individuals or even the well-being of their target demographic: it’s all just fuel for the fire of their own political careers. Don’t fall for it!

    1. cecilia Reply

      100%. You dropped the penny as well.
      Whow Malusi.you know def what you are taking about.You must join the politics.

  8. Edward Reply


    a wish for everyone in SA can read your piece. black and white. a book on this needs writing. please consider it one day!!!!

  9. Louise Mabille Reply

    This is fascinating. I love any attempt at independent thinking.

  10. Corban Reply

    Dear Mr. Malusi Ndwandwe
    Have you considered a career in politics?
    You would already have my vote!
    Very well said

    1. WABez Reply

      Absolutely agree Corban. A first year student of this caliber really need all the support he can get, and should he go into politics, will have my vote too!

  11. Jacques Reply

    wow Malusi!This is exactly what i have been saying in my conversations with people concerning this subject, but you have stated it far more eloquently and wisely than i ever did. thank you for this!

    most people are so blind too see this.

  12. André Reply

    Excellent Malusi, such a clear description of the culprits of this interracial relations destruction mongers! I look foreward to your growth as a cristal clear contributor to building a sound South Africa.

  13. Chris Reply

    Malusi please do not go into politics, it is for the mindless as you can see. What we need is a society without politics. Even voters seem to need a mind, if nobody votes at all they cannot ruel over us. Use your brilliant mind to devise such a society.

  14. Theresa Papenfus Reply

    What a brilliant and brave article. Congratulations!

  15. Green Mambo Reply

    Well done well stated well placed well directed and well noted as our collective need to ensure it rooted out for our futures sake.

    Africas Notorious Criminals must be brought to justice in order to liberate mass consciousness from the persistent exploitation we all suffer to endure under this self-serving oppressive regime claiming to be heroic liberators..

  16. Christopher Thornton Reply

    Excellent article!

  17. Kobie Reply

    A brave and well written article. Now, Malusi, just a question. Have you considered the comparison to the Jew and Israel situation? Also always the victim. I will not go deeper into that, but training in that regard does come to mind, and who sits back and enjoy the fun without lifting a finger.

    1. Nicholas Woode-Smith Reply

      I’ve never known Israel to ever accept being the victim.

      1. Kobie Reply

        They always do, but the mind games they play is incredible in the way it is absolutely masterfully done.

        1. Hermanus Potgieter Reply

          It is the palestinians who plays the victim, put their women and children in the line of fire and then complain about civilian life that was taken. What is your problem with the Israelites. Nazi.

          1. Kobie

            There you go with the standard character assassination game. Why don’t you just call me the other standards also like “racist” “white supremacist”. and the other brainwashed bull. Go have a look at the 1948 agreement of the Israel borders, and what is left now of Palestine. The Palestine’s act like I would have act if my home where bulldozed, my children taken into custody, probably never to be seen again on bull dust charges. I will also use HOME MADE rockets to pop over the border. That will then be used as an excuse for a new high tech attack on Palestine, and very likely the occupation of another piece of land. You will never see those articles and rapports in the Jew controlled media. Israel has never developed anything but get everything from America and other countries under their control. I think they demanded something like 19 billon dollar from America again this year if my memory serve me correct. Then they steal technology from all over and claim it as their own. (Makopa missile plans from us). The Galil rifle is just a downsized AK47, not a new rifle. Just a few well known examples to make my point.

    2. Gerd Reply

      Kobie, who in heaven’s name are you and where have you been for the past 2000 years. Irrelevant and bullshit response to an highly intelligent article. Btw, Israel’s enemies are the race-baiters and victims; the Jews stand above all others in many respects yet still everyone whereever they can. Go back to your cave, dude!

      1. Kobie Reply

        Just for fun, tell me where the Jews stand above all others, but think wisely and carefully. As far as I can find this earth was developed by white nations, and Israel cannot survive without handouts from America, and the white world and its developments technologically. Yes, the money system and banking corruption is theirs, I cannot deny that, but … let us start the fun and give me some examples so that I can shoot it down with the real facts. 🙂

  18. Hugh Robinson Reply

    Than you. You have thought this out way beyond most people capacity. “Race baiter” “eternal victim” and “race pimp” should become a new term in the world. I for one with your permission will use these terms in future as they perfect descriptions.

    1. marie faure Reply


  19. Ron Horton Reply

    Kobie your comment reflects a total lack of understanding of the Jewish situation. The Jews have never tried to capitalize on their victim status, rather they rose above it and have contributed immensely to the betterment of mankind in every field you could possibly name, more in fact than any other demographic group in the world.. They stand as a shining example to all those who embrace the victim status as a means of obtaining handouts and a free ride.

    1. Kobie Reply

      We are a group who did research about it, and you cannot, or better not take me on about that. You will loose. Be very careful.

      1. Kevin Reply

        Kobie your research smacks of bias from the obvious sources. Maybe you should do the trouble of visiting Israel and establishing the truth first hand instead of indulging in one sided research. Your threats typify your bias.

        1. Kobie Reply

          Our research is based on facts, and go back to the Khzar origin of the Jews. It also include the truth about the holodomor/holocaust, and the history back to and bejond 400 years BC when the Greek and Assyrians taught the Khzars/Jews to read and write. It include DNA, world population registers and modern happenings and people. It include the documents about the establishment of the today, Israel. (Strictly speaking, unlawful. The problem is for the Jew that the truth have no grave. I can revere you to a few documents that is available to give you a basic line to follow. Then you can just read the Talmud and decide if you are a animal or not. Then study the Kol nidre. (sp)

          1. Rudi

            Listen, not to be rude, but can you take this elsewhere? It’s extremely irrelevant to the article, if nothing else.

          2. Kobie

            Rudi, you are well and truly brainwashed. Please, please, start digging. Zionism is NOT Christianity. THEY ARE NOT CHRISTIANS. They are not Gods chosen people. Israelites are, and the poor people are pulled under the “Jew” blanket. Jews are not white. Only 2% of the Jews in Israel are of Israelite ascend, and that goes up to 9% worldwide according to DNA. I know how it feel to discover the truth. I’ve been a Israel fan, passionate and dedicated till my eyes were opened. Believe me, I had sleepless nights about it. BUT as Revelations state, that the veils will be lifted. Do some serious research and you will also wake up. Yes, Palestine is not a highly developed area, like Guguleto like Hermanus say down here, nor are they totally without blame. Was the Afrikaner to blame for everything that whent wrong in South Africa??,,, Or how much of that blame is and was propaganda??? Do we deserve to be killed off like our farmers, and the +- 80 000 whites that were killed by blacks since 1994??? Was Apartheid not a means of self protection as the situation now show is necessary? Start thinking people and get out of that libtard
            to be seen and counted brainless way of thinking. We ALL want peace and a acceptable way of life, but ask the question “who prevent that?” who always instigate discontent and aggression?. The whites in this country bend backwards way past the comfort zone to accommodate and support the “new South Africa”, but all they get for it is that their exposed throats get slit with more ease bending backwards.

          3. Rudi

            Listen, Kobie, I don’t care who was to blame for what long ago. I want us all to stop playing the victim and be held to the same standard. That means black people stop bellyaching about how everything is Apartheid’s fault, and it means white people stop complaining about being victims of the Comintern. It means we suck up our grievances, stop using them as excuses to hate each other, and work towards a solution. I am under no illusions about BEE, farm murders, etc., and I don’t even vote for the DA because they’re too liberal, but I don’t see how sitting here and complaining about Jews is going to fix our problems in South Africa today. Make of that what you like.

      2. Hermanus Potgieter Reply

        You are on the Palistinian side, which you picked, and like your muslim brothers, you will always be the rightious in your own poisenos minds. The murdering hate that you puke out on the world and the blood you thirst so much for is always the symptom of the way you were treated according to your legacy. You send your wives and children to move like a human shield in font of you to protect you, when taking on the Israelis and then sell your lying stories to the world press to vilivied the Jews as child killers when in fact it is your own doiing. Nobody who takes you on will loose sir. We can’t argue against a idealist who debate with his own ideas instead of facts.

    2. Kobie Reply

      Missed on marking for feedback

      1. Sonia Reply

        I wonder if you’ve even ever been to Israel. Your facts are twisted and very obviously gleaned from the very biased
        media. You obviously are not aware of how the Palestinians open, publicly proclaim death and destruction to Israel and Jews just for being Jewish. Israel only ever retaliates when there have been attacks on their people, whether Jews or Arabs. Palestinian homes are only ever bulldozed when those homes are used as terror cells etc. Get a life and get the real facts.

        1. Kobie Reply

          Read my above replies. Have you ever been to Palestine. ???

      2. Kobie Reply

        Rudi, it is absolutely relevant. The Jews are known as the “eternal victim”, If you go into the history of South Africa, and how this country was undermined and destroyed, and for what reasons, and for the pockets of who, you will find the relevancy very fast. Rather look at who were treated rude and who are the masters of the lie. Have a look at people in power, here and abroad, and you may find some eye openers to work on. Look at the tactics used and you will find more eye openers. Look at who the gullible tools are and how they are used. History may become something very new and interesting to you. If there is trouble, look in the shadows and you may find the instigator hiding away from harm. It is high time the world wake up, or it is tickets with the white nations in this world.

        1. Hermanus Potgieter Reply

          Palistine look the way it does for the same reason Guguleto look the way it does. Lack of interest to develop and better themselfs. Always look for an external reason to blame for their incompitance. As a christian I believe Irael is God’s nation, and as such I will be very carefull to make enemies of them and pick sides with the real enemy of me. I rest my case.

        2. Rudi Reply

          The problems that you perceive to exist within international Jewry are not relevant to the discussion of race-baiting. In fact, right now you are engaging in some racial generalizations and in portraying white societies as victims of Jewish devilry. And you can argue that it’s true (Juta and Marx, strategic alliances with the US and UK, media manipulation, etc.), but do you not see that black South Africans can legitimately blame white people for apartheid and all the rest of it?

          I guess what I’m saying is that you seem to be asking black people to let go of their victim status by claiming that white people have a victim status. It’s all the same game, stop playing it. We know the 20th Century was rife with puppet-masters and evil regimes of all kinds, but what next? Sit around and complain about how unfair it is and how it’s all Racial Group XYZ’s fault? That’s exactly what we should NOT be doing. That’s exactly what this article is arguing against.

          1. Kobie

            OK Rudi, we got a connection. Black people are maybe more the victim in this case. We both are manipulated like little peons. The3y and Muslims are used to destroy the white people. (Aryan nations). Putin has proved that the CIA (Mossad/Israel controlled) and Mossad has created and is financing ISIS. You will not see it in the media. Now, lets get back to SA. I can point you to the documents that proofs who was responsible for the killing of Dr Verwoerd, and the reasons for it. The self determination and eventual sovereignty of the homelands did not fit the NWO plans for SA, so did the tax on mines planned by Verwoerd did not suit certain pockets nor did a hard arsed individualistic highly intelligent little nation here down south suit the long term planning. The mother of Satanism in America, cannot recall her name now, described the African people as “an embryonic civilization, ripe for molding for future use” or words to that effect. I’m old enough, and I grew up on a farm to know the peaceful and supportive co-existence between blacks and whites existence then. Between 1961 and 1994 the “apartheid” government spend near enough twice the amount of money in the homelands, for the homelands, that what the UN has spend on the whole of the rest of Africa. What you start to “detect” in what I’m saying it seems, is that we to and extend are both victims, but whites do not dwell on it as a weapon, as they are trained to do by the masters in that regard. What I’m really try to get over is that first of all, we must isolate our enemy, and IN MUTUAL RESPECT, become a real powerful nation in the sense that was intended and feared by those who don’t want it to happen. No, just for interest, google (sp) Coudenhauve/Carnigi, and read careful. I do not want to be one of 2800 slaves of some psychopathic (sp)”self perceived super human” …

          2. Rudi

            Oh sure, the whole apartheid situation was set up and handled in such a way as to destabilize. Same with ISIS, the Arab Spring, etc. The “superpowers” do not want competition. There’s a lot more going on behind the scenes than we know. But you see my point – we’ve wandered off far from the intent of this article. I think we should keep focus.

            And also I don’t think you’re right when you blame the Jews, and I don’t share your racial theory, but that’s neither here nor there. Certainly we in the “third world” are being targeted. The solution is to stand together, and racializing every issue is not going to solve that problem IMO. Believe what you want about who’s to blame, but it’s the wrong thing for us to focus on in these comments I think.

          3. Kobie

            Rudi, thanks for being able and intelligent enough… not meant bad…to look at what I say in an open minded way. Obviously there will be points and convictions we will differ on, and talking about it is the only way to find out who got the right tail, so to speak. 🙂 The problem is to get the blacks to realize we are NOT each others enemy, but I do not think it will ever be possible again. In my mind my argument and this total conversation do have a direct intend on this article, but again that can be miss understood because of me and yours difference in way of thinking and information available to you and in contrast, to me. Believe me, I’ve come way past the point of been surprised in the last few years. Do some research on why Jews were kicked out of +-200 countries through history. Twice out of England for the same reason. That reason will have to wake you up or I have no hope for you. Then follow who replaced the rulers and how. It is a very interesting timeline that one when you keep track of blood lines. I better stop now. It is up to you to find your own truths as I cannot convince you, just trigger resistance because of conviction and/or pride. Typical human reaction. Been there done that, got the T-shirt. I just hope that the blacks realize that they should get rid of that victim mentality, and face the facts.I do not believe the Afrikaners feel like victims, even if they are. I’d rather say they feel without hope and unfairly dealt with. Yes, some gave up and ended up in a bad way, but the soul is still there, ready to take up the challenge and team up with the blacks to make this country what it is supposed to be. Unfortunately, I think too much damage have been done already. We are heading towards blood and that is a given.

        3. Sonia Reply

          Judging by your previous comments and style of writing, your latest comment is not your own.
          hopefully you are not a plagiarist as well as being uninformed, biased and deceived re Israel. Especially the source you quote from the UK Telegraph is a great pointer that you are misinformed.
          But yes, I agree with one of the previous comments, this is way out of context and irrelevant to the article by Malusi

  20. EJV Reply

    Malusi….well written. Stay out of politics and study….and never become a Gigaba!!!

  21. HenkvE Reply

    Viva Malusi, Engineers should rule the world – problem solved!

  22. marie faure Reply

    Malusi, well said young man.

  23. Brenda Reply


    This is exactly how I see things. My one boss always said stop playing the victim as to victim you have no control of your future but a survivor is someone who takes their life into their own hands and are willing to carry all consequences.

  24. Sonia Reply


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    from other languages than any other nation in the
    Israel reads more books per capita than
    any other nation in the world.
    The most
    independent and free Arabic press in the Middle East is in
    Israel has the largest
    fleet of F-16 aircraft outside of the US.
    Israel has the
    world’s most impenetrable airline
    Israel spends
    more money per capita on its own protection than any country in the

    Israel’s dairy cows
    are the most productive dairy cows in the world.

    They average
    25,432 pounds of milk per cow per year, compared to just 18,747 pounds from
    American cows;
    17,085 from
    Canadian cows; 13,778 from European Union cows; 10,207 from Australian cows; and
    6,600 from
    Israel has more in-vitro fertilization
    per capita than anywhere in the world, and it’s
    The list goes on and on.

  25. punkfluff64 Reply

    He will be wasted on politics. Far too clever for that. A trenchant piece. Well played Malusi.

  26. Malusi Bongakonke Smiley Ndwan Reply

    I could try the Trump Route though…

    1. Tiaan Boshoff Reply

      What can we do or stop doing and in so doing/not doing not become either a baiter or a pimp? I salute your insight

      1. Malusi Ndwandwe Reply

        The best thing to do is to not get baited, they literally thrive on it. Also know when to stop, Baitors don’t stop, they persist!

        1. Tiaan Boshoff Reply

          It is difficult to even start a conversation without being branded (because I am white and have a beard). I so wish and pray that sanity will return to our leaders. Thanks for your response

  27. Tiaan Boshoff Reply

    This is common to mankind and not a jewish only phenomenon except if you choose to ignore the other figures in the shadows

  28. Jahn Beukes Reply

    Bravely written, Malusi. Thanks for being human about this. It’s gotten me very worried of late. There’s hope with okes like you around.

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