A Rage Against the Eternal ‘Victim’ Status

Race baiting
Race Baiting

There is nothing more satisfying to the collectivist than the eternal victim. It is the mainstay of being a ‘race-baiter’ or a ‘race-pimp’. A race-baiter is any person who uses racial tensions or racially charged incidents to arouse the passion and ire of a particular demographic. And a race-pimp is a race monger who feeds off of racial tensions. They offer nothing but a racially-charged narrative. The words race-pimp and race-baiter can be used synonymously but when pointing out individual incidents or commentaries, I prefer to use the word race-baiter.

You’re probably wondering what race-baiting has to do with acquiring victim status. The race-baiter uses racial tensions to gain political yardage that they’d otherwise not gain through intellectually-honest means. They portray themselves and the demographics they want to raise the passion of, as victims oppressed by amongst many other things: colonialism, neo-colonialism, white-monopoly capital, etc. The race-baiter knows that if they can acquire victim status, it’ll be highly difficult to hold them to a reasonable standard of accountability. Trying to hold them to that standard would be tantamount to victim-blaming and this would feed into the race-baiter’s trap. This contrived victim status also grants immunity to the race-baiter to spew the most vile and bigoted forms of racist commentary.

Malusi Ndwandwe

An example of this immunity is how the Bikoist and Afro-centrist intelligentsia have changed the normal definition of racism – that is, to have hatred or prejudice based on race – to having hatred, prejudice, etc. and ‘power’. The Bikoists and Afro-centrists will claim that since Black people have no ‘economic power’, they cannot be racist. This is, of course, self-serving nonsense that stands to ensure that the race-baiter is never held to account for their vile commentary, wherever it may exist. And yes, I regard Afro-centrism and Bikoism as not only collectivistic in nature, but also a form of race-baiting and race-pimping. In practice, this is what Afro-centrism has to offer: fueling, if not creating, racial tensions to further that particular organization’s ambitions.

The ambitions are numerous, but the main aim is to form a collectivistic society based on any number of collectivistic doctrines and ideologies, like socialism, communism, or even fascism. The irony with race-baiters is that they’ll advocate for a particular demographic to get preferential treatment irrespective of the competence of a candidate. They’ll get on the airways and talk until they are blue in the face about how a particular demographic is being marginalised or disadvantaged. Legislation will be passed and strictly enforced. When these candidates get looked over on serious projects or cases, they’ll still whine about how their candidacy is a mere front to make up for EE (employment equity) numbers. But that’s what they asked for, and that’s what they got. And now they are the victims again? That is the endgame of lowered-standards entry. Candidates are expected not to be competent enough to handle the major aspects of their careers and hence they’ll be overlooked. This is one point the EE advocates can’t address without race-baiting. A race-baiter will analyse any question of competence as a racist notion to ensure certain demographics do not get into the sector. Thanks to the baiting, the question of competence becomes a tool of oppression. But one hypothetical question I’d ask any race-baiter, when accused of a heinous crime and thus with the prospects of lengthy jail time (if not capital punishment): will they unconditionally appoint a quota advocate to act on their behalf? I get varied responses but most will not do it. They’d look for the best their money can afford.

You’re probably wondering how a race-baiter addresses the possibility of dissent within the target demographic they are trying to raise the passions of; that is to say, when a Black person dissents against #BlackLivesMatter, etc. It’s brutally simple: they’d shame them with labels like ‘Oreo’, ‘coconut’, ‘Uncle Tom’, or use Bikoist language, saying that they aren’t ‘black’, but rather ‘non-white’. As you can see, the race-baiter does not like dissent very much. After all, the victim status grants them immunity from any criticism, or so they reckon.

My message to the liberty-loving community is to tread carefully around race-baiters, but don’t be afraid to take them on. A counter-narrative is essential considering past incidents and how race-baiters are unashamedly doing their ‘baiting’ in the mainstream media. It’s hard to take on a race-baiter using objective logic, since they aren’t bothered by it, and have instead developed their own parallel ‘logic’. Use their internal logic against them! That is, if they truly wanted to address disadvantage, why are they then entrenching inferiority via lowered standards? Also, what I’d like to see is more of the target demographic dissenting against race-baiters. This will, in a way, force them to fall on their own sword and become the oppressive entity they despise.