The ABCs of the US Election


american-us-flag-election-voteSince the start of the 2016 US presidential race, it has been extremely disappointing from a policy perspective, as not much has been said or discussed when it comes to proper political differences. As this election has been the most dumbed-down election in recent history, here is a synopsis of the election race for kindergarten children:

  • A is for America, the country it’s in.
  • B is for boasting, Donald might-have-been.
  • C is for counting, on the day it’ll start.
  • D is for Democrats, they split us apart.
  • E is for Electoral College, 270 to win.
  • F is for Florida, a swing state by thin.
  • G is for guns, the Second Amendment debate.
  • H is for Hillary, eh, not so great.
  • I is for independents, Johnson and Stein.
  • J is for Justices, who will they assign?
  • K is for Kansas, the solid red state.
  • L is for ‘lockerroom talk-gate’
  • M is for Mexicans, who’ll pay for a wall.
  • N is for Never Trump, a Republican pitfall.
  • O is for Obama, thank goodness he’s done.
  • P is for Mike Pence, hope he has none.
  • Q is for quakes, which a video started.
  • R is for Republicans, from values they departed.
  • S is for scandals, like water off his back.
  • T is for Trump, finally falling for an attack.
  • U is for Utah, who is this McMullin?
  • V is for Vice President, Tim Kaine seems a run-in.
  • W is for Wikileaks, her emails they stalk.
  • X is for X-rated, when Trump starts to talk.
  • Y is for, why on Earth did this happen?
  • Z is for Zzzzzz, the voters have spoken.