The ABCs of the US Election

american-us-flag-election-voteSince the start of the 2016 US presidential race, it has been extremely disappointing from a policy perspective, as not much has been said or discussed when it comes to proper political differences. As this election has been the most dumbed-down election in recent history, here is a synopsis of the election race for kindergarten children:

  • A is for America, the country it’s in.
  • B is for boasting, Donald might-have-been.
  • C is for counting, on the day it’ll start.
  • D is for Democrats, they split us apart.
  • E is for Electoral College, 270 to win.
  • F is for Florida, a swing state by thin.
  • G is for guns, the Second Amendment debate.
  • H is for Hillary, eh, not so great.
  • I is for independents, Johnson and Stein.
  • J is for Justices, who will they assign?
  • K is for Kansas, the solid red state.
  • L is for ‘lockerroom talk-gate’
  • M is for Mexicans, who’ll pay for a wall.
  • N is for Never Trump, a Republican pitfall.
  • O is for Obama, thank goodness he’s done.
  • P is for Mike Pence, hope he has none.
  • Q is for quakes, which a video started.
  • R is for Republicans, from values they departed.
  • S is for scandals, like water off his back.
  • T is for Trump, finally falling for an attack.
  • U is for Utah, who is this McMullin?
  • V is for Vice President, Tim Kaine seems a run-in.
  • W is for Wikileaks, her emails they stalk.
  • X is for X-rated, when Trump starts to talk.
  • Y is for, why on Earth did this happen?
  • Z is for Zzzzzz, the voters have spoken.

Daniël Eloff

Daniël is a Senior Staff Writer at the Rational Standard. He is a co-founder of AGENDA a South African non-profit aimed at enabling and empowering young South Africans with debating and public speaking skills and currently works at Hurter Spies Inc, which specialises in public interest and civil rights litigation, while completing his LLM degree in constitutional- and cyber law. He is also a co-host of the Afrikaans podcast Podlitiek.

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