ANC Victories Only Yield Serious Losses For South Mzantsi

Those who are incapable of thinking beyond what their favorite politicians, entertainers, looters and political prostitutes tell them on social media, have managed to convince themselves that the 8th of May has yielded different results other than the ones that have been oppressing South Africa...

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Those who are incapable of thinking beyond what their favorite politicians, entertainers, looters and political prostitutes tell them on social media, have managed to convince themselves that the 8th of May has yielded different results other than the ones that have been oppressing South Africa for 24 years.

That is, whether you dare to dream or not; the ANC is still going to be in power for a very long time and your votes can only cast a mere shadow on this permanent result. But they will never diminish its blinding effect on black South African voters.

This remains true in spite of the desperate political campaigns from the DA, EFF, COPE and many other useless political parties who will never rule South Africa and their frail attempts to make black South Africans think any different from how they have been thinking for the past 24 years.

Perhaps this is the problem with these zealous optimists who think that their vote will mark the end of the most wicked political party to ever govern South Africa (more vile and wicked than the ANC). They think that their votes will amount to the change they have been longing for since 1994.

I mean, is it not clear by now that for as long as black South Africans see nothing wrong with ANC governance as they did with Apartheid; then what is point of a dissenting vote for an alternative party?

Do you really believe that black South Africans are ready to act upon their awareness of colossal ANC failure?

Of course not! If they did, Jacob Zuma, the most corrupt president in the history of independent Africa, would not have been voted into power twice (2009,2014) amidst a deep ocean of serious crimes like State Capture and most of all, failing South Africans by keeping them poorer than they were under Apartheid. Not withstanding the fact that Jacob Zuma and his criminalist gang (ANC) have looted over R1 trillion in his second term in office (2014-2018).

[For a country where over 50% of its youth is unemployed, poor, without skills and work experience; can you imagine how far R1 trillion would go in creating jobs and advancing the lives of (black) South Africans?]

This only shows and proves that in order to win elections, and govern in South Africa, you do not need any facts, competence, good service delivery and a clean record. You just need fail to South Africans significantly, lie and blame whites for each and everyone of your failures. Thereafter, host a huge rally where you feed black ANC supporters with stale KFC Streetwise 2’s, only for them to rejoice at the sight of free ANC t-shirts as though they are getting jobs.

It is for this reason that it was necessary for Thabo Mbeki to come out after 10 years of not publicly supporting any political party (including his own party), endorsing the ANC as the best party to vote for on Wednesday, 8 May. While also have him lie to the public by saying that the Zuma’s 9 years were not wasteful.

Yet again, this is the same man whose failed AIDS policies killed well over 300 000 South Africans (mostly black), and characterized his decisions as “correct”.

This is the same man who is convinced that (black) South Africans cannot be xenophobic, when every year, black South Africans kill, displace and even burn hundreds of black foreign nationals because they are convinced that they are the cause for their poverty.

[Then they turn around and vote for the ANC whose singular policy is to keep blacks poor, unemployed, uneducated, unthinking, violent and ready to destroy their own instead of ending their misguided support for this vile party.]

Yet, if black South Africans, especially the educated and affluent (most of whom are ANC government employees) regard this fundamentally vapid man as the pillar of African Intellectualism; what hope is there in yielding a South Africa that thinks clearly about the problems which confront them, especially problems caused and sustained by the ANC?

The Democratic Alliance (DA) is already proving to be a better alternative from the ANC in how they govern their provinces, municipalities, and wards; yet they are still perceived as racist and for this reason, they are still far from winning national elections simply because they reinforce this illusion. This is also why their successes are overlooked by the average black voter because their branding does not appeal to the black voter in a village or a township like Alexandra, who holds the majority vote.

In their attempt to appear like a rainbow nation party; they in fact appear as though their black leaders are being used by rich and powerful whites who use them as pawns so that they may keep their “white privilege”. This is still believed to be true even though the DA has more blacks than whites in their ranks. And their president (despite being a weak loudmouth), is also black and is married to a white woman.

It is almost as though the DA is not aware of the function of these nuances and how they influence the black voter to consider them as the ultimate alternative from the useless ANC.

Other parties, unfortunately, while having the best intentions, cannot set themselves free from their primary need to just remain in parliament, doing nothing but sleep in the chambers while the ANC, DA and EFF determine what is Law and the legislative direction of the country.

With the EFF seeking to do more harm than the ANC through their maintained determination to kill all white people, “just not yet” (as though South Africa can survive with white people’s taxes); is there room for anyone who is determined to rebuild her?

Sadly, there isn’t. I mean, how can there be when only 14% of South Africans read, and only 5% of South African parents read to their children (most of whom being white), and over 60% of South African households do not own a book?[1] Not to mention that almost 80% of grade 4 learners (most of whom are black) cannot even read[2] (10 years from now, they will vote for the first time)?

A thinking populace can never keep the ANC in power this long for doing nothing but loot, keep them hungry, unemployed and severely poor. Unlike white and coloured people who live in the Western Cape (the most successful province in Africa), black South Africans are not yet ready to move away from their oppressors. They are in fact more than ready to embrace and push them forward.

It will take South Africa to collapse (like many African countries have post independence), in order for black people to rise and finally realize that, for as long as the ANC continues to win elections; they will always be losers. Well unless they change, start thinking properly and vote for a party that advances their best interests.

Vuka Mzantsi! You Do Not Have To Lose For Another 24 Years!


Dumisa Mbuwa is a publisher and founder of Willderness Media.


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