Anonymous Sources Leak October 3rd Protest Plans

UCT protesters burn priceless works of art. A history dies. Protest
UCT protesters burn priceless works of art early 2016.

Rational Standard commentators have been given information regarding the plans of the protesters. These sources are anonymous, so the validity cannot be confirmed, but readers should still be aware in case they are sound.

The first leak is that the inner meetings of protests have been referring to October 3rd, the day in which lectures are meant to resume, as ‘Massacre Monday’. It is unclear whether this refers to if the protesters plan to commit this massacre or if they plan on being the victim after provoking police.

The second leak was posed as a warning to students that the conflict on campus between protesters, security and non-protesting students will be brutal. The protesters are planning on blockading the M3, while storming UCT. Their goal, according to the source, is to provoke the police into violent action that will make the protesters look like the good guys. They wish to martyr themselves.

To provoke police, they plan on continuing to make UCT ungovernable. Some of the strategies revealed by the leak are the pulling of fire alarms, the blockading of venues and the destruction of property. It is clear by past actions that the protesters are not afraid of using violence and vandalism.

These leaks are from the meetings of the protests – which are often a lot tamer than the execution. If the mob of protesters descends upon UCT, it is likely that they will be much more radical in their disruptions. Private security and police may be able to punish and provide a threat to protesters, but they cannot reasonably maintain the functions of the university – simply due to the following:

  • Students and protesters are indistinguishable until it is too late.
  • UCT is an open campus.
  • The violent clashes between protesters and law enforcement will spook the staff and students, leading to cancellation of lectures and classes.

What is clear is that the protesters are planning mass vandalism and violence on the campus. For your own safety, please stay aware of updates. Stay tuned for a more detailed analysis after the event.