Insider Predicts Dire Changes for SA in 2017


On the 23rd of December, Alec Hogg of BizNews released an article publicising information from an insider on what they believe to be in store for South Africa come 2017. The short and worrisome article is available here:

“Take some deep breaths between eating all that traditional turkey because if my “usually reliable source” is right, the New Year will bring fresh challenges. Starting early. I was dubious, but after belligerent addresses to the ANC Youth League this week by Zuma and his acolyte Collen Maine now not too much. The national wrecking ball’s war talk is positioning loyalists for another Nenegate-type blunder.

My insider paints it like this: When ANC bigwigs meet in the first week of January, Zuma will push for and get an “accelerated radical transformation” mandate. He’ll share his road map to Zimbabwe in the ANC’s New Year statement on the 8th, setting up a major cabinet reshuffle soon after Davos ends on Jan 20.

That will usher in a new Finance Minister with Pravin Gordhan ejected along with other cabinet members (Hanekom, Motsoaledi, etc) who put the Constitution above party loyalty. It will ensure Zuma’s ex-wife takes over as the next ANC leader – and keeps him out of jail.

My source is adamant this is how things will play out. Even if he’s half right, 2017 promises to be another interesting year for South Africa. Unfortunately.” – Happy Christmas – gird the loins for a traumatic start to the New Year, Alec Hogg, BizNews

The particularly worrisome prediction from this article is Zuma’s intention to fast-track a mandate of “accelerated radical transformation”. With Zimbabwe as inspiration for maintaining power while wrecking the pesky economy, this does not bode well for freedom or prosperity.

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What most of us have probably expected is that Zuma will attempt a cabinet reshuffle, ousting his opponents who have chosen loyalties other than party and him. Foremost among these will be incumbent Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan, who will be the first to go if Zuma succeeds in his plans. This plan will be a part of a string of attempts to oust the Finance Minister who refuses to toe the President’s line.

The insider has also predicted that Zuma’s ex-wife, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, will be made leader of the ANC, ensuring that Jacob Zuma will remain out of jail despite his myriad of crimes.

Let us hope that this “usually reliable source” is uncommonly wrong this time. Otherwise, 2017 will mean a vastly strengthened Zuma regime, utilising an anti-freedom transformation agenda alongside a consolidation of internal state power to ensure that South Africa remains under the iron thumb of a powerful yet capricious dictator.