Brexit: The ‘Volk’ Enriched at the Expense of Liberty

Source:, Brexit

Written by: Paul Hjul

I think it is gravely naive to think that “Brexit” will bring about any lessening of stupid law-making and regulatory overreach. What has been sacrificed from the vote is English participation in the Empire, what has been gained is purely sentimental in character. The English “volk” (the lovely Germanic term) is enriched at the price of the Englishman’s liberties, it is an act of nationalism and national identity over individual self-interest and nothing more.

The right-wing morons of UKIP are perfectly capable of making stupid fascist laws without Brussels and Aunty May has been fucking over individual liberty – and enforcing unjust laws draconianly and failing to navigate the positive (state made) law towards justice – her entire career so putting her in power is not really anything apart from a train wreck to disaster.

Make no mistake, the regulatory overreach and mega-governmentality of the European Union is an abomination on individual liberty, but the petty tyrant and despot (be it the local municipality or the national parliament – or as is so often the case, a nationalistic jingoist faction of a sovereign power) is a graver threat to the individual man on the ground calling for Brexit than the far flung bureaucrat whose regulations require the petty despot to enforce.