Cape Party Alleges Electoral Fraud

Cape Party Voters

The Cape Party has made public a letter it has addressed to the Independent Electoral Commission alleging possible electoral fraud, on its Facebook page.

Source: Cape Party Facebook page.

The party first noted its suspicion of foul play on its Facebook page at around 5:20 PM on Thursday, 4 August, after a voter complained that his vote – for the Cape Party – had not been counted in Ward 69 (Silvermine Retirement Village) after the final results for the ward were released. The party then received further complaints from supporters from the ward who were alleging the same. As of the writing of this report, according to the News 24 Local Government Elections application, the Cape Party has zero votes in Ward 69.

According to Party Leader Jack Miller, based on the statements of the complainant Cape Party voters, the party must have at least five votes in its favor in Ward 69. Miller has urged the IEC to investigate the matter.

The letter can be seen here in full resolution.

The Cape Party is known for calling for the Western Cape, Northern Cape, and areas in the Eastern Cape and the Free State, to secede from South Africa and form an independent country. According to a recent interview Miller has described himself as pro-liberty activist, and other sources have indicated that the Cape Party is broadly libertarian in its policy stances. The party contested the 2016 municipal election only in the areas it intends to break away from South Africa should it be elected.


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