Children’s Games: Dangers of Leftist Logic

Leftists of all types use insults as if they are self-evident and immediately make their opponent wrong.

We’ve all been there. As kids or as observing adults, we have all faced that kid (and even adult!) who adds rules to existing games on a whim. These rules are typically tagged on without justification but with the implication that they will improve the game. Almost always, these rules do nothing but improve the creator’s chance of winning.

We can see a big similarity between this and the nature of law-making in government. Lobbyists swap benefits with legislators in order to maximise both their influence and wealth. In this way, law-making is dominated by fundamentally selfish people.

This is no different when it comes to the rules proposed by left-wingers in academia and social circles. The idea of ‘micro-aggressions’ and ‘privilege’ are one-sided and wrought with double standards.

Leftists, Critical Theorists, Cultural Marxists are all terms for the same group. People who change the rules of the game in order to advance their agenda and narrative. This is a group of people who believe ‘feelings’ are to be above freedom and only their feelings to be of importance.

The Offense Brigade will constantly seek things which they do not like and then persecute them. Their logic of choice is even called Critical Theory, Marxism applied in order to critique everything. They use their own logic to describe pieces of fabric as symbols of hate and ignore people’s arguments purely based off of their race. The worst part of their logic is that it only applies to their views. If you are to use their logic to accuse them of a misdemeanour, they’ll ad hoc and make themselves an exception.

In this way, leftist privilege is a thing. The power to declare right from wrong is a powerful ability indeed and one which no one should have. As Martin van Staden told me prior to writing this article, crimes should be self-evident and immune to exception.

The problem with the leftist style of debate is that you cannot accuse them of privilege. They will not accept their own logic used against them and exclude people who they don’t like. Through claiming that they are against discrimination, they are one of the most discriminatory ideologies on the planet.

As Bill Whittle argued, Leftists will not accept anything which goes against their desired narrative. To them, Capitalism is pure evil and only white racists hate Obama. When given evidence such as the benefits of Capitalism or black opposition to Obama, they will scream and shout until their opposition just walks away.

The Leftist habit of ad hoc combined with governmental agenda and power is a scary combination indeed. If harnessed by politicians with an adherence (secret or otherwise) to fascism and authoritarianism, they could use the power to restrict what people can or cannot say.

A scary prospect, but not completely out there. Many universities, often hives for leftist influence, have adopted bans against so-called micro-aggressions.

Critical Theory and Leftist dogma is a danger to academia and to politics. As a society, we need to oppose it in any form. Political Correctness is called such because it is what the political elite want you to think. It is not necessarily incorrect or even bad – it is merely the whim of an intellectual or political class.

As Thomas Sowell wrote, the left may not have bad intentions (they often truly think they are helping people). The dangers of ad hoc arguing with government power is just too dangerous to ignore, and is, to reference another author, definitely the road to serfdom.