A Clear and Present Stupidity

Donald Trump, Stupidity

Who can think something stupid, something clever

which was not already thought of in the past.

Goethe, Faust II

Derek Charles Catsam in the Sunday Independent, dated 20th of November 2016, tried – shell-shocked as he and his ilk are – under the title “Clear and present danger” an analysis of Donald Trump’s electoral victory in the United States. You must not be a political follower of Trump, or following him aesthetically in the interior design of his apartment, to find the hysteric emanations of the progressive academic crowd highly amusing.

Catsam is a professor of history and fellow at the University of Texas of the Permian Basin, and was fellow in the humanities at Rhodes University and, fortified by this position in a basin, he ladles a lot of wise considerations and deliberations.

To add progressive colour to lamentably still black-on-white print – isn’t that a kind of racist micro aggression and a kind of colonialist frivolity and shouldn’t we try to print in pink? This article is garnished with one photo of the usual crowd of hyper-tolerant phobio-phobics, sissies of all sexes and genders expressing their deep feelings about the election result. In one spot and in one glance we see silly dresses, silly haircuts, silly manners, silly arguments, silly faces in one word the undisguised pinkie cream of the top. Surely all of them started life with inflated levels of pocket money from overindulging parents proceeding then in their income to welfare or some kind of subsided activity in some kind of progressive institutions reflecting how the D and the T came into Donald Trump’s name and that saying 2+2=4 is just a Nazi code or an act of aggressive ableism, uglyism and fat-phobia against the uncountable masses suppressed by cruel capitalism. And surely all of them are deeply saddened about the death of el maximo lider. Do you know why Cuban socialism was so popular among the pinkie intellectuals? Well, who really wants to travel to ice cold Siberia to marvel at the wonders of real socialism? But in Cuba you find wonderful beaches, pretty babes, and sunny weather. These were surely produced by the steely will of the progressive masses, and according to the never failing-plan.

But I digress…

The pinkie trolls are angry. Fine.

The pinkie trolls are repugnant. Marvelous.

The pinkie trolls are shaken. Wonderful.

The pinkie trolls are ugly. Excellent.

Ugliness is, as the Russian philosopher Berdajew observed, the trademark of communism.

You see somebody willfully ugly or supporting something aesthetically or intellectually ugly or repugnant, and you did find a bolshie.

Remember the days the pinkies had at least some pretty babes in their cohorts? Gone. Long ago. For political success, you have to get the babes. And the babes today are patriotic, conservative and libertarian. Meaning they love and admire men and gentlemen who are able to build up a living from their own, know which flower, precious stone and colour fit to mind and body of their lady, do not insult her intellectual capacity by telling her that she needs feminism in order to be respected, and are able to defeat a lady and kill the enemy. The ladies like winners, and not eco-fuzzy vegan whiners. Easy, isn’t it?

We won. You lost, pinkies. Take it as a man or, at least, as a cis-gendered something or nothing you are.

And all the threatening paphernalia ornans of leftist discourse like sexist, racists, homo and whatever -phobia have lost their magic spell. Now, dear pinkies, you really have to think, to argue, to listen, work on and consider other people’s arguments. You have a distant feeling of how that goes? Using your brain, getting informed, being logical? Shouting, screaming, threatening and hopping around like Godzilla, is out. Welcome in the real world, with its laws and rules. Try to adapt.

We in Austria in the halcyon seventies built up a conservative-libertarian student organisation called JES (Young European Students) and had been through many years very successful at SRC elections. Look, our heroes had been Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan, our slogan was “We are Conservative, We Like It”, we assembled the jeunesse doree et argent and with that we gained up to 22 percent of the votes. Imagine, the universities being then a hot spot of all kinds of left wing and radical left activities. The lefties foamed and called us all kind of names. Our reaction? To be “an arch reactionary feudal fascist of the worst kind” is the minimum we are asking for as description absolutely worthy for a fighting, consequential conservative.

Back to Catsam.

He has not yet arrived in the real world. His arguments are still of dubious nobility being Von Gestern.

As he admits “I, like anyone else who has written and spoken about politics in the past two years, I was completely and utterly wrong about the rise of Donald Trump.”

In that case I may recommend silence and retreating into a safe place in order to be able to think and reflect. What about shutting up and maybe looking for some esoteric wisdom of shamans or looking for some anti-Trump muti provided by pre-colonial African wisdom?

No, the chatting chatters have to chat. Chitty chatty it goes; the lefties sitting together among themselves in ideological purity oh sorry diversity and moving around in their “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” vehicle. How can a fellow (of this or that) really say “anyone else”? In which kind of self-constructed bubble he must have been living obviously avoiding any contact with anyone thinking differently? Did he not observe the enemy, did he not visit right wing websites and blogs? This complete ignorance utterly disqualifies him as academic. ‘What I dislike does not exist’ surely being an outstanding intellectual and academic position which qualifies him to teach history. What kind of history does he teach? Political history? Or the history of the social autistic pinkie bubble?

Sorry, Professor; but you are a nitwit.

“I was wrong every time”. Don’t exaggerate, Professor.

A few right decisions you must have made in the last two years (like taking the right side of the road, right here in glorious Azania it is the left side) as otherwise you would be dead.

Sorry, Professor; but you are a nincompoop.

“Trump is a … know-nothing ignoramus, a racist, a flimflam artist, a misogynist and a bigot.”

Get the foam out of your mouth, Professor. A know-nothing must not be called an ignoramus. That is an overkill. Well, I guess Trump is a guy who inherited some money and made a lot more out of it. At least the majority of his business decisions must have been well-considered, otherwise he would have gone bankrupt long ago. For a misogynist he attracts quite pretty women, and his children look well-groomed and educated. By the way; he was the first one appointing a woman as head of a building management when planning his first Trump Tower. Oh sorry, Professor, that I confront you with facts. It will not happen again. It is interesting that the pinkies still are not able to analyse, but are only able to throw verbal faeces at everything or everybody they dislike. Dislike Trump, but please, at least try to analyse in a calm, rational way. “White Christian men” since the days of St Augustine or St Thomas Aquinas are doing that, imagine!

Sorry, Professor; but you are a “phrase-monger” and cultural warmonger without substance.

“Trump … has a deep and frightening authoritarian streak … He is a problem of temperament, not ideology.”

Alright, maybe Trump has a short fuse. But has decades in business. You cannot do business only equipped with an authoritarian attitude. You have to convince, build alliances, guide people, build up trust, negotiate, compromise and convince again. To be authoritarian is not enough. A man of authority in the Roman meaning of auctoritas, yes, but a tin pot tyrant in the bathtub of your own, simply does not work. If someone knows real life, that is life outside the pinkie bubble, and he knows that.

And who has been ruling the U.S. for eight years with a lot of, from a legal point of view, highly suspicious presidential decrees called executive orders? Yes, mild mannered, peace loving Barack Hussein Obama. What is so wrong about possessing temperament? Insipid, stale, dull is this the new norm which pinkies demand? Oh, how the pinkies loved temperament when assembled in Pierre Trudeau, Fidel Castro, and John. F. Kennedyit is so typical for the pinkie crowd. They never accept a general rule or concept, but twist and spin their arguments in a most arbitrary way. Pragmatically, they turn their pinkie whims into principles which last exactly as long as they are useful.

“How many fingers you see, Winston?”


“The parties says five.”

“No, but I see three.”

*Extreme pain inflicted.*

“Well, I try to see five.”

“Better, Winston, better.”

Pinkies are in essence totalitarian and act and think as described masterly by George Orwell.

The pinkies still have not discovered that Donald Trump’s victory it is a matter of ideology. Finally, the think tanks of the right did find a locomotive who can pull them. Look at his appointments. They can only be explained from an ideological point of view. Trump surely is not a philosopher or strategic ideological thinker, but he possesses instinct and knows with whom to ally.

Sorry, Professor; you are a windbag,

“Trump was essentially a product of the media.” This deposition clearly being a product of nominalist heresy.

Look, Professor, this guy is real. He was not created by the media. Nearly all the classic media had been outspoken against him mixing opinion with – in most cases – wrong and sloppy reporting. The days classic media could dominate public discourse are over. The days when classic media could write someone up and then down again are over. It is astonishing how long the pinkies have ignored the essence and consequences of social media. The interested and connected citizen has easy access to a multitude of sources and can actively build up an opinion or an intellectual complex of his own. Just look at the Rational Standard. And the most important thing is that he can interact with others and with all the sources, blogs, online magazines. He can check, judge and choose.

You did not see that coming, Professor? In September, the head of Trump’s campaign – on Townhall.com, a conservative website (surely overlooked by Herr Professor) – described in detail the campaign and their actions and interactions on various social media, and why they do not advertise in TV as this being pointless. You did not get that in your pinkie bubble? What a pity!

Sorry, Professor; you are utterly inept.

“… the byzantine Electoral College… an undemocratic relic from an era when only white property-holding men over the age of 21 were given a say in the political process.”

What do you know about the Byzantine Empire?

Through centuries it protected Europe against the Arabs. It was a highly-cultivated state, with Constantinople being the most modern and astonishing metropolis of its time. The Greek empire cultivated dozens of barbarian nations and strongly influenced Russian culture. Art, techniques – the Greek fire – science , diplomacy, trade, handicraft had been of high state. A distant impression you may get when visiting St Mark Cathedral in Venice. You know that if you travel, if you visit churches, if you read books about Greek history, if if if… and not only commit intellectual inbreeding in the pinkie bubble.

I did not hear the pinkies complaining when 1992 Mr Bill Clinton won a large majority in the Electoral College with just 42 percent of the vote. The conservative vote was split between George Bush pere and Ross Perot who, together, received 54 percent of the vote. Bad luck that it was split. According to the rules – I know something smelling of authoritarianism, fascism and other goodies – Clinton won. It was accepted, and the righties did not whine or complain.

“Undemocratic” obviously, is every institution which does not automatically guarantee leftist victories.

And by the way, habeas corpus and the Bill of Rights came from times when political rights had been confined to the upper crust – not so bad an idea I have to confess – and the U.S. list of fundamental rights was also drafted and resolved by white property, even some slave (imagine!) holding men of age. Seems to be that a nation is in good hands with them. We would not have walked out of the caves was it not due to industrious, in most cases, white men. Modern industry and techniques and science are, nearly a one hundred percent, the creation of white men. If you dislike that, crawl back in a hut. I am sick and tired of the nihilist smearing of facts with some blather about ‘evil white men’.

And there is no such thing as a ‘national popular vote’ in the U.S. presidential election.

They have popular votes in 50 states plus Washington D.C., and Trump carried 306 electors out of 532, won nine out of thirteen ‘battleground’ states, Republicans won majorities in the House of Representatives and the Senate, gained two governors and now control 69 out of 99 state assemblies (Nebraska has no Senate, therefore 100 minus 1 = 99, hope this is not too byzantine for Catsam). Good enough, except for the sore losers.

Once again: We won. You lost.

What I wonder about is not that Catsam is a pinkie leftie, but how shallow, how inept, how superficial, how primitive, how free of hard facts his arguments are. There had been a time when you could meet intelligent and informed left wing intellectuals, and it was a pleasure and intellectual challenge to engage with them. Gone are those days… for years now we’ve been experiencing puffed up blow heads, who are carried by the significance of their own importance. Hilarious. Ridiculous. Amusing.

I wonder how these ‘intellectuals’ got through prep school, through primary school, through secondary school, through university, and how those phalanx of inepti et suspecti et debili could rise to their positions. I would not entrust a broom to them and definitely not task them with sweeping and cleaning a factory floor.

Sorry, Professor; you are just miserable and insufficient. Insufficienter you are.

In November 2016, Donald Trump won. The Clinton machinery smashed. George Soros lost a lot of money. And Fidel Castro died. Not bad for one month.

Blessing (my maid), Champagne, the Charles Vincent bottle to me!