If you are interested in writing an article for the Rational Standard, please send it using the submission form below. The article must adhere to the following:

  • It must be a text or Microsoft Word document in either the .doc or .docx format.
  • It must be of a length of 500 words or more.
  • It must cover an economic, political, or social topic, preferably in the South African or African context – although international submissions will also be accepted.
  • It must be in clear and understandable English, and be properly formatted with appropriate paragraph breaks.
  • The content must have a freedom bias – in other words, it must generally favor individual rights rather than the interests of the State, favor reason rather than emotion, and favor liberty rather than control.
  • You must include a short bio (one or two sentences) about yourself, which includes your real name. If you wish your identity to remain anonymous, you must still reveal your real name to the Editor, but may request that your identity not be revealed to the public.

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Guest Writers aren’t permanent contributors to the Rational Standard but have articles and ideas to share. If you send us a great article, we’ll put it up and help share it. Unless you state otherwise, you will always receive credit.

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