Anthony StuurmanAnthony Stuurman

Anthony Stuurman (a pen-name) is an educator in the Eastern Cape with an interest in neuroscience, ethnobotany and a passion for free speech.

Christiaan van HuyssteenChristiaan van Huyssteen

Chris is an accounting Hons student at Stellenbosch University. He matriculated from St Albans College in 2010.
He is a Libertarian and Infowarrior.
He admires: Ron Paul, Ludwig von Mises and John Lennox among many others.
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Daniël EloffDaniël Eloff

Daniël Eloff is a staff writer at the Rational Standard and a final year law student at the University of Pretoria. On completion of his undergraduate degree, he will pursue an LLM degree in Constitutional Law in 2017. He is a co-founder of the Tuks Leadership and Individual Program and the UP Debatsvereniging and has also served on the executives of the UP Moot Society and TuksVillage. He is an avid debater and orator and has coached numerous debating teams. Daniël has a keen interest in the liberty movement as well as politics, economics and social issues. In addition to writing for the Rational Standard, Daniël has also been published on Maroela Media as well as some student papers and media.

Guest WriterGuest Writer

Non-permanent writers and guests can submit their articles to us and we'll publish them. If a writer proves their writing skill, they may be invited to come on as a permanent writer.

Harald SittaHarald Sitta

Dr.iuris Harald Sitta is an Austrian attorney emeritus and business owner who immigrated to South Africa in 2007.

Johan van der MerweJohan van der Merwe

Johan van der Merwe is a final year law student at the University of Pretoria. He will practice law, but also pursue a master’s research degree on the topic of constitutional interpretation and the rule of law.

Malusi NdwandweMalusi Ndwandwe

Malusi is a first year BEng (Bachelor Of Engineering) Civil Engineering student at the University Of Johannesburg. He has worked in the auto industry as a trainee product engineer, then as a lab assistant at the Durban University Of Technology.

Malusi's interests include: science, technology, firearms, economic theory and military history.

Martin van StadenMartin van Staden

Martin is a final year law student at the University of Pretoria and the Academic Programs Director for Students For Liberty in Southern Africa ( He is a co-founder and editor of the Rational Standard and the Editor-in-Chief of Being Libertarian (

You can find him on Facebook or contact him via email at [email protected]

Nic HaussamerNic Haussamer

An ardent supporter of personal responsibility and freedom, Nic enjoys thinking and writing about all sorts of things: economics, Critical Theory, culture, and current affairs. He is a fourth-year actuarial science student at the University of Cape Town.
Favourite economist: Mises or Rothbard.
Favourite political philosopher: Thomas Sowell

Nicholas BabayaNicholas Babaya

Nicholas Babaya matriculated from Rondebosch Boys' Highschool in 2015. He is Currently studying a BA at Rhodes University majoring in Politics and German.

Nicholas Woode-SmithNicholas Woode-Smith

Nicholas Woode-Smith is co-founder of the Rational Standard and its Technical and Marketing Director. He is a student at the University of Cape Town, with majors in Politics, Philosophy and Economic History. He is the youngest council member of the Institute of Race Relations in history and the Regional Director of Southern Africa for African Students For Liberty. He also writes science fiction - prominently, the Warpmancer and Cape Zero series.

Phumlani M. UMajoziPhumlani M. UMajozi

Phumlani M. UMajozi is a Professional Business Analyst, a Policy Analyst at Independent Entrepreneurship Group, and Youth Coordinator at Free Market Foundation South Africa.