Coronavirus Vision and Reality

Will Covid-19 be China's Chernobyl?

A few years ago, I read Walter Isaacson’s biography on Steve Jobs. He was famous for the Reality Distortion Theory that holds that with enough confidence, marketing, and persistence you can convince almost anyone around you to believe in your ideas. An advanced version of “Fake It Until You Make it”, or as we have seen in the last few days – pretend that the evidence does not exist and keep on lying to yourself. With the Coronavirus, the South African Government is foolishly following a sophisticated prophecy, such as the Imperial college dossier, to cause permanent societal harm and we need to push back on this insanity.

The South African Government pretends that COVID-19 is the Spanish Flu, despite the evidence that repeatedly shows that it is, at worst even in badly hit New York, only three times as bad as an ordinary flu. We would not have noticed it in most of the country had the media not focused on it. It is almost as if the government wants this to be the Spanish Flu with the new doomsaying prediction saying that we might face a second wave.

They were wrong the first time, why aren’t they wrong now?

A history lesson is that most people died of pneumonia during the second wave of the Spanish flu and not the virus, because there were no antibiotics available. This scenario is highly implausible, even as we enter our winter season. The South African government is trying to make up excuses so that they can justify the actions of the lockdown, but anyone with a bit of common sense can now see that they and the WHO overreacted. Daily new cases have gone up as the number of tests have gone up and therefore our data is unreliable. We do not know how many people have the virus. We also forgot to log the data for April 7. A clear sign of incompetence.

The last “Global Pandemic“ i.e. The Swine Flu was in 2009. It would not have been a “Global Pandemic”, had the WHO not removed the word “severity” from the official definition of the pandemic. Big pharmaceutical companies lobbied them as exposed in the “Trust WHO” movie. For reasons that I cannot understand, YouTube and Vimeo removed the video before this crisis started. Would the Coronavirus pandemic be a pandemic under the old WHO definition?

Back then the same prophet of doom Prof. Neil Fergusson’s questionable links to the Swiss drug company Roche that produced the drug Tamiflu was not declared by the WHO and neither is his department at Imperial Colleges’ current links to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Shouldn’t this be public knowledge?

The evidence has contradicted Prof. Fergusson’s models from the very beginning of this pandemic and so is the evidence that is piling up in support for hydroxychloroquine. The Protocol of early detection and treatment has successfully been used in Senegal, Marseilles, Algeria, Russia, Brazil and the USA. The drug companies do not like it and we have now seen in recent weeks how Dr. Fauci changed the very definition of “death” to push an expensive drug Remdesivir. Up to 20% of his advisors has links to Gilead, the company that produces Remdesivir 

Does this whole story not smell of corruption, while the public is still being lied to by their own governments? We saw how a Johannesburg tenderpreneur was digging mass graves, but the bodies just are not piling up! 

The evidence that this virus was not that dangerous was already known in February from the Diamond Princess Ship. The ship was the perfect incubator with an infection fatality rate of 1.75% for an older population. Professor John Ioannidis from Stanford estimated back then that the infection fatality rate for a population whose age represents that of the USA to be between 0.025% and 0.625%. As a reference, annual seasonal flu kills 0.2% in the USA.  Prof. Ioannidis issued a warning that we did not have enough data to justify our actions and that we might destroy our societies in the process. 

The following antibody studies showed that his predictions were spot on:

Miami antibody study in a sample of nearly 1,800 people in mid-April showed a population prevalence of COVID-19 between 4.4% and 7.9%, projecting an estimated 165,000 adults already infected in Miami-Dade County. This is a 17-fold higher prevalence than confirmed cases in the area at the time, and has a projected infection fatality rate of 0.2%.

New York antibody study in a sample of 3,000 people in mid-April showed a population prevalence of COVID-19 to be ~21% in NYC, projecting an estimated 1.8 million already infected. This is approximately a 15-fold higher prevalence than confirmed cases in the area at the time. Based on these estimates, the infection fatality rate of novel-coronavirus is ~0.5%. Source: Governor Andrew Cuomo, daily news briefing, April 23, 2020.

USC antibody study in LA County in a sample of nearly 1,000 people in early April showed a population prevalence of COVID-19 between 2.8% and 5.6%, projecting an estimated 221,000-442,000 adults already infected in LA County. This is a 28 to 55-fold higher prevalence than confirmed cases in the area at the time. Based on these estimates, the infection fatality rate of novel-coronavirus is between 0.14% and 0.27%.

German antibody study near the border of the Netherlands in 500 residents in early April showed a population prevalence of COVID-19 to be ~14% with an estimated infection fatality rate of 0.37%.

Stanford antibody study in Santa Clara County in a sample of 3,330 people in early April showed a population prevalence of COVID-19 between 2.49% and 4.16%, projecting an estimated 48,000-81,000 people already infected in Santa Clara County. This is a 50 to 85-fold higher prevalence than confirmed cases in the area at the time. Based on these estimates, the infection fatality rate (IFR) of novel-coronavirus is between 0.12% and 0.2%.

Based on the above studies, this virus is at best three times as deadly as ordinary seasonal flu and it proves to be a problem in highly dense areas (London, New York, and Paris), which is not surprising as it probably spreads faster over there. According to Professor Knut Witkowski all of these places went into lockdown after the virus peaked. The governments destroyed the economies for nothing.

In lower density areas like California (that better resembles South Africa), it is about as deadly as ordinary flu. There were media reports warning of a “bad flu” in December in California. Nobody noticed. Suspect that COVID19 has already peaked in South Africa, because no virus is going to wait for African time to spread. 

The Imperial College model was never going to happen and let us give up the pretension that it ever will. We should protest this silly lockdown and open our economy, because hunger is currently spreading faster than the virus.  

This virus already peaked. Challenge the government to do an antibody test to prove me wrong so that we can show that reality does not agree with the government’s vision. I call on everyone to give it up and to protest this lock-down, because there is no justification for this disproportionate action.