‘Crosshaired’ by Harald Sitta: A Polemic Philosophy


In his new book, Crosshaired, Dr Harald Sitta, hereinto known for legal or historical papers, comments on the well-known atheist, best selling author and wannabe Pope-jailer, Richard Dawkins, as well as many other theses, phenomena and people. He does so sardonically and polemically by oscillating between the earthly and unearthly, visible and invisible world, micro- and macrocosms, and a lot of claptrap and nonsense keeping the reader in a good mood by his tips on champagne. This book is not intended to be dry-bone science, but nevertheless the author includes footnotes. If you are looking for above-average entertainment and enjoy reading about God and the world, this book is the right choice for you.

The author understands his work as the “gifted cynics guide through blatant nonsense and bark the banalities of mass media and intellectuals”; and stumbles artistic-gallant, like Charlie Chaplin, over his own feet, puts himself on them again and comments amused and in a cabaret way the clap-trap and all the half-, one quarter and one eighth wisdoms of this world.

Sitta is not shy about commenting and criticizing en passant all forms of political correctness, intellectually dishonest definitions and pompous attitudes. Between such criticisms he invites the reader for a cigar, champagne and other lekker things, and does not give a damn about any criticisms of his anti-feminist, erotic-Catholic fundamentalist position.

Although its length numbers more than 800 pages, Crosshaired is a refreshing read that never gets boring.

The reader is invited to a exciting travel through such different countries like South Africa, Austria and Germany with their respective idiosyncrasies and frivolities, allowing them to get to know the different cultural and culinary (!) mentalities. This book makes fun of the wannabe-infallibles of the scientific community as of all other stars of the pseudo-intellectual stage of celebs and exhibitionists sitting in their easily-inflammable Valhalla.

And, from time to time, Sitta looks in his own mirror, too. Adroitly, he introduces us to the atheistic and skeptical way of thinking, South African wines, his favourite books and classical music. He discusses the multiverse, the Big Bang, fox hunting, bull fights and other great things, at the fireplace with a glass of South African sherry in hand.

This book does not intend to give more than a few definite answers (champagne, chocolate and fine food excluded) but reflects medial multiplied opinions, news and statements. And without mercy it poses questions where others throw around answers in a sovereign fashion.

The author, Harald Sitta, has a doctorate in law, and was born in Vienna. He is a jurist, attorney emeritus and now privateer in Johannesburg, South Africa. He is a confessing Catholic, fox hunter, sherry consumer and has three godchildren, two servants and one swimming pool of his own.