Failure Of Authorities Led To Murder Of Ukrainian Tourist


The murder of a Ukrainian tourist who was hiking in the Table Mountain National Park near Hout Bay is due to the abysmal failure of the authorities and the criminal justice system.

Violent attacks on hikers, mountain bikers, trail runners, and tourists in our mountain nature reserves has plagued Cape Town for more than a decade, and has become a common occurrence. By the end of March 2018 there were already more than 40 attacks recorded on Table Mountain.

Criminals have become so brazen that even large groups of hikers are targeted and attacked.

According to the Chairman of the ZACP Cape Town branch, Gideon Joubert, “this is not the first murder on the mountain. In January last year a man was stabbed to death while hiking on the mountain near Kalk Bay. Things have not remotely improved since.”

The repeated failure of the police and other law enforcement authorities to contain the problem has resulted in an untenable security situation in Table Mountain National Park.

The Houtbay SAPS is particularly guilty in failing in their duty of care. Crime has spiralled ever upwards in the town and its surrounds, and only the concerted efforts of the local residents and the CPF has prevented it from exacerbating yet further.

With this borne in mind, we call upon residents to become actively involved in their local community policing forum and civilian security structures. For those who wish to hike on Table Mountain and in the national park, we recommend that they take due care in adequately equipping themselves to fend-off attackers, since the authorities are plainly incapable of guaranteeing their safety.

The ZACP Cape Town branch takes note that one of the suspects was allegedly out on bail at the time. It is a damning indictment of our courts who keep releasing repeat offenders on bail, and then grant them the freedom to circulate in society and continue their violent predations.

“We hope the family of the deceased considers legal action against the court if the allegation indeed proves to be correct,” said Joubert. “Our thoughts are with them during this terrible time.”


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