Fake News: Ukraine’s Nazi Element

This is terrorism writ large, terrorism which the ANC adamantly refuses to condemn but, within Russia, revulsion is growing.

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Fake News Part 1: That Ukraine is a Nazi country whose political leaders are Nazi

As Cameron Dugmore, the ANC leader of the opposition in the Western Cape legislature, raised his glass in triumphal salute of the Russian government, Vladimir Putin’s war crimes had already started with Ukraine being attacked from air, land and sea. Russia has, without provocation, fired more than 600 missiles to kill civilians and destroy buildings which will take decades to rebuild.

Four days later, Dugmore’s party abstained from voting on a UN General Assembly resolution which condemned Russia’s “aggression” against Ukraine and also called on it to withdraw its forces immediately and unconditionally.

At the time of writing on 6 March the United Nations estimates that one and a half million people have fled Ukraine precipitating the largest refugee crisis since World War II.

The Pope has deplored Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, something the ANC has not seen fit to do.

One of the reasons given by Putin for the invasion of Ukraine – a country with a democratically elected Jewish leader – is that it needs ‘denazification’.

In response to the support of Dugmore and the ANC delegation at the United Nations, the Russian embassy in South Africa was effusive in its thanks:

We appreciate your support and glad you decided to stand with us today, when Russia, like 80 years ago, is fighting Nazism in Ukraine.

One wonders what the ANC makes of the violation by Russia’s de-nazifying ‘liberation’ army in the  Ukrainian city of Mariupol of the agreed cease fire to create a civilian evacuation route,  a betrayal described as ‘heart-breaking’ by the International Community of the Red Cross?

As Putin’s cruise missiles and cluster bombs wreaked unconscionable havoc on the ‘Nazi’ city of Kharkiv, its citizens fled to the nearest villages – but there was no respite there.

Like every other ethnic group in the country – more than a million of them – Ukranian Jews flee their now-dystopian homeland because nobody is spared, neither babes in arms nor the frail aged, as Putin’s army and air force bombard their homes, their hospitals, their libraries, their broadcasting stations, their nuclear power station (the largest in Europe), their community centres, their opera houses and concert halls,  their homes for the elderly, their crèches and orphanages,  their schools, their places of worship, killing children and closing evacuation routes, turning their country’s cities  towns and villages into funeral pyres for those buried beneath the smoking rubble.

This, as hospitals struggle to cope with the injured.

Putin’s army is deliberately attacking the civilian population with cluster bombs in densely populated urban areas which have no strategic military presence.  The unambiguous goal is to kill as many Ukrainian people as possible, something condemned by Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch but, so far, not by the ANC.

This is terrorism writ large, terrorism which the ANC adamantly refuses to condemn but, within Russia, revulsion is growing.

Unsurprisingly, the International Criminal Court (ICC) is investigating the probability that Russia is guilty of genocide in the Ukraine.

Clearly encouraged by the praise from the Russian embassy in South Africa, Iqbal Survé’s newspapers have attacked what they call ‘one-sided’ reporting on Ukraine, criticism which presumably also applies to footage filmed by the besieged Ukrainians themselves.

There is increasing evidence that Putin’s assassination squads of snipers are deliberately targeting news teams in the Ukraine. What do Sekunjalo Independent Media’s newspapers think of this ‘one-sided’ report by the wounded Sky News reporter Stuart Ramsay and would Cameron Dugmore care to comment?

Once Ukranians lived ordinary lives, now they are the wretched of the earth as Iqbal Survé’s newspapers proclaim the coverage of their living hell by the world’s leading news agencies to be ‘one-sided’. This comes as no surprise because Sekunjalo Independent Media is the paid propaganda agent in South Africa of another communist country where media freedom is non-existent, China.

This support will warm Vladimir Putin’s heart as he blocks access to Facebook and Twitter and dismantles the last vestiges of media freedom in Russia.  He has passed draconian legislation which compels news agencies with a little more credibility than IOL – the BBC and Bloomberg News and CNN and ABC among others – to stop reporting on the slaughter of the innocents as Russian journalists flee their country believing their lives to be in danger. In Russia, police routinely stop citizens demanding to see their cellphone messages, arresting those who refuse to comply and using batons on those, young and old, who join peaceful anti-war protests.

There is, if you believe Putin,  no invasion of Ukraine just a humanitarian ‘rescue mission from Nazi evil’ which, for some unfathomable reason, the Ukrainian occupants of cities like Kiev are opposing

More assistance for Vladimir Putin’s ‘de-nazification’ of Ukraine is on its way.

Ukraine requires ‘denazification’?

Fake News.

There is no evidence whatsoever that Jewish people were persecuted in Ukraine before the Russian invasion.

They, like the rest of Ukraine’s citizens, are persecuted now.

Russians who empathise with the besieged  and relentlessly-murdered people of Ukraine and fear for their own futures are seeking refuge in Finland.

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  1. Rory Short Reply

    The situation in Ukraine and now for the ordinary Russian is tragic beyond belief. All because of human arrogance fuelled by ignorance.

  2. Daniel Watts Reply

    yikes dude have you not heard of the azov battalion? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Azov_Battalion
    Yeah Russia may be causing grievous harm but that doesn’t mean the Ukrainians are the innocent rebels of star wars. Don’t believe everything you read on nato led media. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FNU7j4WXIAAdBZK?format=jpg&name=large, the following is an image of nato teaching the same battalion how to use grenade launchers. The insignia on the sleeve matches with their Wikipedia page. As to the question of zolensky being a jew, ukranian nazi sympathies formed around hatred of the soviets first, the jews a distant second or third. The nazis drove the soviets out of ukraine for a time and gained sympathy there. So if zolensky is fighting russians, azov is happy to work with him

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