The Free Market Foundation (FMF) is in the process of raising funds for its various projects by way of the “R1 Million Challenge.”

Unlike a government department which is plugged into the ostensibly endless supply of taxpayer money to try all the bad answers to social problems, the FMF has identified the correct (and only real) solutions to many of South Africa’s problems but relies on voluntary donations.

The FMF has been in the news lately for the work it has done on the new Information and Communication Technology White Paper released by government last year. The FMF argues that the new policy will likely exacerbate the problems identified in the controversial #DataMustFall campaign, as the government intends to nationalise much of South Africa’s ICT infrastructure.

Until the end of January 2017, all donations will be supercharged by 50% by a generous donor. If you wish to support the Free Market Foundation and the work they do, consider making a donation.

* Martin van Staden is Legal Researcher at the Free Market Foundation.

Martin is the Editor in Chief of the Rational Standard. He is the Legal Researcher at the Free Market Foundation, the Academic Programs Director for Southern Africa at Students For Liberty, as well as the Editor in Chief of Being Libertarian. Martin holds an LL.B from the University of Pretoria. His articles represent his own views and beliefs, and not that of any of the aforementioned organizations.