Funding Freedom in South Africa


On the 25th of January 2018, the Rational Standard will have been online for 2 years. If we include our forerunner, South Africa Libertarian, then it would be 3 years.

For these 3 years, we have been committed to standing as a bulwark against the decline of the public discourse, the tyranny of student dictators as well as a statist government, and a source for freedom and reason.

We have established ourselves as the largest classical liberal leaning website in Africa, with a myriad of amazing writers and passionate volunteer staff members.

We have run the site for 3 years on passion and our own funds alone. Unfortunately, the fuel provided by passion and funding the site out of our own pockets is not sustainable in the long run.

The Rational Standard has accomplished a lot. We have converted policy-makers. We have provided a source of vital opinions and information. We have published a book, standing as perhaps the sole piece of South African literature that takes an explicitly anti-fallism stance. And most importantly, we have made African liberals realise that they are not alone.

We currently receive minimal funding for what we do. For the continued existence and expansion of the Rational Standard, this must change.

As such, we have created a Patreon page. This will allow generous donors to support us on a regular basis, while receiving small rewards in exchange.

Our Patreon Page

Funding will be used in this order:

  • Paying our base costs (web fees, mostly)
  • Marketing on Facebook to reach new audiences
  • Expanding with new functionality and projects (podcasts, videos)
  • Paying our staff
  • Paying high-performing writers

If you would rather donate to us through some other means, please visit our donation page to learn about other options.

No amount is too small – a cliched thing to say, we know. A mere $1 or R10 a month, accumulatively, will go a long way to keeping us up and running and providing a voice to the truly voiceless.

We believe in the Rational Standard, but our passion isn’t enough to keep it running. We need your help to keep us online and continuing to fight the good fight.