Hurrah – the party of genocide! Hurrah – the party of misery!

‘Stop that nonsense with me’ – Lady Astor to von Rippentrop, German ambassador to the court of St. James, giving her the ‘Nazi’ salute In the Sunday Times issue dated 26 February, we were spoiled with an article from the pen of our dear and beloved ‘uber-comrade’...

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Stop that nonsense with me’

– Lady Astor to von Rippentrop, German ambassador to the court of St. James, giving her the ‘Nazi’ salute

In the Sunday Times issue dated 26 February, we were spoiled with an article from the pen of our dear and beloved ‘uber-comrade’ Blade Nzimande, who lectured us about a young South African communist revolutionary (deceased since 1991) whose work he maintains is still able to teach us capitalist-minded dwarfs  much – no, muchissimo – of wisdom.

Internet rumour has it that this gentleman, the honourable Minister of Higher Education and Training “on Monday afternoon launched South Africa’s first school of schools of witchcraft and wizardry. The school which is located in Durban KwaZulu Natal, has opened its doors as of today.” (National news bulletin, 12 March 2017).

It may be a long way to Tipperary but obviously it is a short way from Marx to Muti.

Comrade Blade introduces us this intellectual giant as a “prophet of true radical economic transformation”.

Prophet? Did I read prophet? Well, from time to time I receive leaflets introducing a certain kind of prophets and doctors and professors to me who are all able to look through water and mirror, bring back lost lovers, help with small manhood, and bring back lost money. I am not quite sure which kind of ‘prophet’ Comrade Blade has now in mind taking into regard his taste for ‘alternative science’.

Let us assume that he used or tried to use this term in the classic meaning. Even then he got it wrong. Contrary to popular belief and widespread misunderstanding – of which a Minister of Higher Education should be aloof – a ‘prophet’ is not one who tells the future but as we know from the Good Book is commanded by God to tell the people uncomfortable truths and asks them to change their habits and repent. For example, a ‘prophet’ in the field of economics should tell us  that all forms of Socialism do not work; that scientific and any kind of dogmatic socialism or communism has only brought misery, destruction, hunger, mass murder, tyranny and genocide to all people and nations who had the dubious luck to be under the magic spell of Marx-Engels-Lenin-Stalin-Mao-whoever muti.

Let us return to the introduction of Mr “Mzala” – nickname not explained – given to us by comrade Blade.

“..neither a celebrity thinker nor a self-aggrandizing personality”. What the hell did he then do among the bolshie bunch?

“He died young” – my condolences anyway; I do not like to make fun of him but of others – “…just as his intellectual activity was starting to flourish and reach maturity”. If so I am sure he would have quit scientific and dogmatic socialism within a very short time.

Comrade Blade informs us about all the schools Mr “Mzala” attended and that he was then able to study law at the University of Zululand. That is interesting. On the one side they tell us how bad “Bantu-Education” was and on the other side their heroes go to good schools, excel there and then are allowed to enter universities. Something is wrong about those stories…

I rather guess that the narrowness and stupidity in some fields of the past system bred rebels and made critical and industrious minds revolting.

The ‘trick’ Comrade Blade and a lot of radical lefties display now is that only communism was the true alternative to Apartheid. This is a very simple hedge attorney trick and bluff, played on us since many decades ago; it is therefore one that was and is very successful.

No, we have to say it loud and clear: Apartheid is and was and can be criticised and analysed effectively from a Conservative, a Libertarian, a Christian Democratic, a Liberal, a free market, or an anarchist point of view. Nobody needs advocates of a sterile dogmatic commando system of social engineering to overcome  another system of social engineering.*

So an intelligent, maybe idealistic young man who should have found a place in a productive system naturally possessing some tolerance – otherwise it would not be productive one – was deeply annoyed by the atmosphere of the sixties and seventies and turned bolshie. That is an argument against that system but not a valid one in favour of communism.

“… Mzala left South Africa … From the time he went into exile he read voraciously the works of Marx and Lenin, as well as the literature of the ANC and the SACP…” (emphasis mine)

The miracle word is ‘voracioulsy’. That is a wonderful description of the attitude, the power politics, the habit and strategy of scientific and dogmatic socialism and communism. Voraciously, Lenin took power in a ‘putsch’ against a liberal-social democratic government; voraciously, he overran Russia, mercilessly destroying every opposition, including left opposition; voraciously, the sailors of Kroonstad were massacred in 1922; voraciously, the Tscheka murdered middle class and aristocrats; voraciously, Stalin murdered six millions of Ukrainian peasants; voraciously, Stalin murdered hundreds of thousands of party comrades civil servants, officers in his big purges; voraciously, communist tyrannies had been established in Eastern Europe after 1945; voraciously, the Hungarian revolution was put down 1956; voraciously, the “Prague Springtime” was suppressed; voraciously, revolts by Polish workers in 1956, 1972 and 1980 had been suppressed; voraciously, Mao Tse-Tung took power in China; voraciously, dozens of millions of Chinese had been murdered; voraciously, in the “big leap forward”, destruction and misery were created; voraciously, the cultural revolution destroyed wide realms and artefacts of culture, of schools, of universities, and murdered hundreds of thousands.

Voraciously, voraciously , voraciously… also in Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia , Cuba, Venezuela, Ethiopia, by the 68-ers in Western Europe and the U.S. and so on. The voracious atrocities of scientific and dogmatic socialism and communism fill books – for example, the “Black book of communism” – and compared with the endless lessons about fascism we receive, it is still quite concise.

“In the Soviet Union, Mzala received training … would make time to read books on a wide variety of topics … deployed to …  he was sent to advanced ideological and political training to the German Democratic Republic…” So he received classic communist indoctrination – I wonder how ‘wide’ the ‘variety’ of topics was he was allowed to study was – Maybe hundreds of boring speeches by the party grandees or something similar but certainly not a universitas of information and knowledge from all kinds of ideological backgrounds. So he was on his best way to become an apparatchik and politruk. Sorry to say, I am not impressed…

“Mzala had a reputation as an independent thinker unafraid to differ sharply with leaders … while always remaining fiercely loyal to the ANC and the SACP.” How does that go? Is there any example in the history of communism in power that a real independent mind was tolerated within the organisation? What happened to Milovan Diljas, Heinz Neumann, Margarete Buber-Neumann, Wolfgang Leonhard, Ernst Fischer – to name just a few? In the very moment one really became independent minded and un-dogmatic he was spit out of the party and destroyed, at least in reputation (if not physically)!

“He also wrote … on the relationship between the national and class struggle in South Africa.” So he entered the field of combining nationalism and socialism – that George Sorel and Benito Mussolini did many decades ago already. A dangerous mine field we enter now. So be it!

“In 1977 Mzala was working on a simplified book on Marxism-Leninism in Zulu”.  So the Zulus can only stomach and digest simplified books? Blatant racism that is!

“…it was he who recruited me to the SACP.” Sorry dead comrade, all forgiven but not this! Not this! That after many years of studies and training in the various provinces of the empire of evil he did not discover this roving rural rustic may not be forgiven. Didn’t they have standards ? “Hate speech”, according to the new, proposed bill, my attorney whispers in my ears. I apologize…

“…medical treatment in London…” Not in Leningrad or Kiev or Moscow? The comrades did not trust their own medical system and doctors. Fighting against Capitalism but in doubt seeking medical treatment in private hospitals in capitalist countries. Sometimes these guys are funny…

The radical economic transformation Comrade Blade demands is just an old smelling fish, a recipe that ruined a lot of nations and states, including Venezuela.

“…basic wealth and the basic resources are at the disposal of the people as a whole” means if we look at the history of communist commando systems at the disposal of  the party apparatchiks. “… and are not manipulated by sections or individuals be they White or black.” That clearly means that free markets, independent actors and transactions in the markets are ruled out. What the bolshies call “manipulations” are just normal, free actions of free participants in a free economy. That they will never understand. That the price a bakery charges for a bread and a buyer willing to pay are not results of evil manipulations but of considerations by millions market participants within the system of spontaneous order as described by Friedrich August von Hayek. That independent minds are able to act responsibly and freely will never be understood by materialistic and historicist minds. This should be Bad luck for them, but unfortunately since 1917 it was bad luck for a multitude of nations and peoples.

A radical economic transformation in South Africa can only mean a drastic reduction of taxes (2-10 percent income tax, 10 percent corporate tax and 5 percent VAT and that is it – not one cent more!), a drastic reduction of state activities, selling all SOE to private enterprises, reducing red tape and all kind of mindful but impractical legislation and completely leaving health services and education within a general legal frame work to private activities on free markets and closing down 80 percent of the bureaucracy and the state departments. Why 80 percent? According to Wilfredo Pareto, dead wood always amounts to around 80 percent.

And now I may tell you, dear readers, that I have enough of bolshies ‘innocently’ telling their stories and advertising their ideology. Their ideology and parties mean tyranny, genocide and misery. I am fed up that all the scientific and dogmatic socialist and communists got away with all their crimes. The history of these systems is a trail of moral and material destruction and devastation. We cannot hang the red tyrants any more, as the allies did with Nazi leaders in Nuremberg (in the meantime they all died more or less peacefully in bed). But we can still hang them in effigy and despise them and their ideology, power and command system and tell all their remaining functionaries, fellow travelers, and intellectual miscreants who constantly play down the horrible effects of communism and assorted academic nitwits: Your time is over. Stop that nonsense with us!

*To make it clear: Apartheid was by far not as worse as anything that scientific or dogmatic socialism and communism produced but nevertheless a waste of time, energy, human possibilities and resources.

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  1. Tim Bester Reply

    Lovely put down…let’s hear more!

    1. Harald Sitta Reply

      sure 🙂

  2. Craig King Reply

    Bravo! Good job.

    That there is a South African Communist Party is bad enough but to have unelected members of that party in charge of important organs of Government is downright terrifying.

    1. Harald Sitta Reply

      !Muchissimas Gracias!

  3. Uheshe Reply

    Dogmatic socialism – is any other kind possible?

    And since we appear globally subjected to increasingly dogmatic socialism what chance do we have of reversing away from it’s road to communism?

    1. Harald Sitta Reply

      Good question. Ideologically not. Some social democratic parties in Europe had and have a quite pragmatic outlook in their policies. But as long as socialism sees itself as ‘science’ which i doubt it is it must be dogmatic ….

  4. RainerVoigt Reply

    Schade is nur dass dieser Artikel nicht auch in News24, HuffPost, Polticsweb oder BizNewes veroffentlich wird.

  5. Gillian Benade Reply

    Good read.

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