Introducing Rational Remarks

Rational Remarks, bonds, economics

Rational Remarks

At the Rational Standard, we have always aimed to give a voice to the voiceless. To continue working towards that goal, we have decided to establish a micro-commentary platform.

Introducing Rational Remarks – a writing platform for those with something to say, but not the necessary time to write a full article. This platform aims to be an approachable forum for short pieces relating to politics, economics, and philosophy. With it, we want to give a direct voice to those who have felt disenfranchised by the left-wing dominated media.

While Rational Remarks won’t be representative of the Rational Standard, they should exhibit some freedom-loving or liberal theme. Other ideologies have their forums and platforms – this is for supporters of individual liberty.


Remarks must:

  • Be between 100-400 words.
  • Be in well-written English.
  • Have a bias in favour of freedom.

Submit your Rational Remarks HERE.

More details can be found on our dedicated information page.

With Rational Remarks, you can be your voice!



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