Is the SA Government Stupid or Evil?

I’m tired. I am tired of being treated like a naughty child. Tired of reading about how my countrymen are starving to death. Tired of people wishing the apocalypse upon this world. And tired of a government that is either stupid or evil. Or most...

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I’m tired. I am tired of being treated like a naughty child. Tired of reading about how my countrymen are starving to death. Tired of people wishing the apocalypse upon this world. And tired of a government that is either stupid or evil. Or most likely: both.

You probably feel the same way.

I am not concerned about the pandemic anymore. Truth be told, I never really was. I survived the Ebola, H1N1, Bird Flu and many other crises. I was going to survive this one. And yes, I expected some people to die. But that is always inevitable. We wile away our finite lives on a planet that is actively trying to kill us. Death is to be expected. The point of the lockdown was always supposed to be a trade-off between deaths from pandemic and deaths from starvation, police brutality, suicide and other diseases as our immune systems deplete.

But has the trade-off been worth it?

The South African unemployment rate is expected to reach 50%. Hunger is becoming a more pressing threat than a virus only marginally worse than the flu. And while people go hungry, the government has insisted on centralising and monopolising food charity, effectively banning private citizens from helping their neighbours escape starvation. Couple this with the fact that the state is incompetent and has been ignoring entire regions of starving people, and you get famine.

The lockdown is more concerned with banning cigarettes so corrupt politicians with connections to smugglers can get a quick buck, than with actually saving lives. Undertrained and brutally psychotic soldiers and police are being used to enforce this lockdown, forcing journalists to flee the country, and leading to huge increases in police brutality. Yet, they face impunity.

A policeman or soldier isn’t here to protect you, fellow South Africans. They are here to oppress you. They are nothing more than thugs with badges, enforcing an immoral and frankly ludicrous lockdown.

The words of experts were used to usher in this lockdown in the beginning, but now that experts are arguing that the lockdown is worse than the pandemic itself, they are being ignored. Our Nobel Prize-winning scientist has called the lockdown a “huge mistake”, and the state ignored him.

Idiots say that we shouldn’t sacrifice human lives to save the economy, but they do not understand that the economy isn’t some cold heartless machine. It’s made up of people. Every person. And if you destroy the economy, you are not figuratively killing people: You are literally causing starvation, destitution, suicide, and civil conflict.

The lockdown has proven again and again to be arbitrary, brutal, and catastrophic. Then why does it continue? Why are parties like the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) still calling for it to remain restrictive? And why does it continue at all, in all its absolute lunacy, when it has been proven to be worse than the disease?

I don’t truly know. But I do know that those in government and the public who continue to support this lockdown have to be either the epitome of stupidity or simply evil.

How else can we explain a government that watches over a manmade famine and then talks about how happy they are about getting tobacco off the streets?

We are ruled by morons, who don’t understand the first thing about economics or government. They think that South Africa is an endless pool of free money that they can continue to steal, not caring about junk status, foreign investment, or even if there will be people alive left to loot.

The EFF, even if they are not yet in government, are cut from the same cloth as our African National Congress (ANC) overlords. Their socialist ideology has been proven again and again to lead to only death, destitution and generational trauma. Yet they persist.

There are only two types of socialists: the evil and capricious who care only about imposing their brutal ideology on the masses, and think no cost is too great. And complete idiots.

I think the EFF and ANC are made up of both.

One has to be completely moronic to think South Africa will survive this lockdown. And one has to be truly stupid to even read the theories of communism and socialism and think they can work. Oftentimes people say that they look good in theory. No, they don’t. They’re moronic in theory. And you have to be stupid or evil to think they can ever work in reality.

I do think there are people in government with clear agendas. A certain minister wants to ban cigarettes to promote her dealings with cigarette smugglers. This is for acquiring personal wealth, but I also suspect to build a war-chest to dominate the ANC’s internal politics at a later date. Regardless, this policy of destroying the economy and human lives for a quick buck is typical ANC strategy.

The vast majority of ANC politicians do not understand that they are meant to be running a country. They are in it for themselves. Purely and utterly. Even if it costs countless lives.

But those who aren’t in it for themselves may be even more dangerous, as even the most corrupt may realise that they are killing their cash-cow. It’s the socialists in government who are the real problem, as they truly believe their braindead ideology can function.

They will use this lockdown to pass all manner of economic restrictions and socialist policies. They will intentionally attempt to destroy the middle class so only peasants remain. They will enact their bloody ideology. Damn the costs!

Stupid or evil? I think it’s a bit of both. But the results are all the same if South Africans continue to abide these monsters in our government. Famine, destitution, and violence akin to a civil war.

We’re not ending this lockdown without a bang.

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