Ivermectin: It’s All About Treatment, Or The Lack Thereof

Given the loss of life caused by the failure to treat Covid patients effectively, the suppression of ivermectin is clearly a crime against humanity.

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These are ivermectin tablets manufactured in South Africa for use by human beings.

The propagandists keep claiming that ivermectin is only a horse dewormer and cannot possibly be useful in combating Covid.

Well this is proof that the human version of ivermectin is very real. I picked up this prescription at a Port Elizabeth pharmacy recently.

Part of an Ivermectin label bought from a pharmacy in Port Elizabeth

An Argentine doctor, Dr Hector E Carvallo, first started treating Covid patients with ivermectin not long after the pandemic was declared early last year.

Despite resistance from his government, he persuaded six provinces to roll out the drug and the result was an incredibly high success rate in treating patients with Covid symptoms and preventing hospitalisations and deaths, as this article attests.

Yes, ivermectin was first developed to treat animal diseases, but it was soon found to be highly effective in treating a wide range of human parasitic ailments mainly confined to poorer tropical countries, diseases such as elephantiasis and river blindness.

Over 3.5 billion doses have been given to patients over the past four decades, with virtually no serious side effects reported. This article explains its origins and evolution.

In the USA, frontline physicians dealing with Covid started using ivermectin after reports of its success in places like Argentina. They established the Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance to collate evidence of clinical and observational trials in mainly developing countries around the world where ivermectin was being used.

This is a link to the FLCCC website’s section on ivermectin.

After the FLCCC had established its website they posted protocols found to be most effective in treating all phases of Covid, including prevention and long Covid.

The leading players in the FLCCC include former South African pulmonologist Dr Paul Marik and Dr Pierre Kory, who addressed a US Senate committee late last year on ivermectin. He was attacked by the Democrat leader in the committee for “playing politics”, an accusation he rejected with contempt.

Some of the ivermection tablets purchased this week at a pharmacy in Port Elizabeth.

Kory’s presentation was viewed about 10 million times before being taken down by YouTube as the censorship of early treatment was stepped up a gear after the early promise of hydroxychloroquine-based multi-drug treatment protocols was denigrated in a false article early last year in the Lancet. The article was later retracted, something the Lancet rarely does.

Here is a link to the retracted Lancet article.

This suppression of Dr Kory occurred at a time when the WHO and most western government health authorities recommended no early treatment for Covid, a situation which continues to this day. They also recommend no prophylaxis apart from the experimental injections, which the evidence shows do not create full immunity, may reduce severity of disease in some, but alarmingly are causing spikes in hospitalisations in heavily jabbed countries like Israel and Singapore.

The mRNA nanoparticles injected into the body cause the cells to manufacture the spike protein of the virus. This, by definition, is gene therapy and, in fact, a bioweapon. Instead of staying in the deltoid or shoulder muscle, an analysis from Japan of the Pfizer jab reveals the concoction enters the bloodstream and permeates the body, causing clotting and inflammation.

Listen to an interview with Dr Byram Bridle on the implications of the spike protein circulating in the cardiovascular system.

The retracted fake Lancet article about hydroxychloroquine, which the mainstream media never corrected with any prominence, denied millions of patients access to this early treatment with a repurposed safe anti-malarial drug which is also effective along with zinc as an antiviral.

I met up with a retired pharmacist recently and he told me he would not be taking the Covid jabs because, he said, their safety had not been sufficiently proven.

I asked about Ivermectin and was astounded when he dismissed it as a “veterinary drug”.

When I told him it had won for its inventors the 2015 Nobel prize for medicine for the treatment of humans he was still not convinced. “Well,” he said, “the human version is not available in South Africa.”

But it is, I said, because my doctor had prescribed some for me at my request as a prophylactic and, as my photos indicate, I got the tablets.

But he was partly right, too, because my attempt to get the tablets at a branch of Dis-Chem was met with an abrupt “we don’t stock them”.

I then tried a small independent pharmacy (thank heavens a few remain). Yes, I was told, they have a small quantity in stock.

This limited supply was because only “compounding chemists” are able to manufacture the human tablets due to restrictions imposed by the SA Health Products Regulatory Authority, or SAHPRA.

This “concession” followed court action early this year by AfriForum and a group of independent physicians who were desperate to actually treat Covid patients instead of waiting till that got so ill they had to be hospitalised.

Here is a link to that story.

Why, I then asked the person serving me, do big pharmaceutical companies like Aspen not manufacture ivermectin in bulk? Because, he said, even though ivermectin is on the WHO’S list of essential medicines and is off patent, they would need to apply for a licence from SAHPRA. And that could take years.

Not, I thought, if the government intervened and made ivermectin, which is so cheap safe and effective, an integral part of its pandemic strategy.

But no, presumably in order to coerce people into taking the experimental injections, they continue to suppress information about ivermectin and make it very difficult to obtain.

Indeed, when it came to paying for my eight tablets, I was told they were not covered by medical aid because Ivermectin is not listed in the National Pharmaceutical Products Index, even as big medical aid companies were sponsoring members to have the costly but seemingly ineffectual emergency-use-authorisation jabs. So I had to pay R200 for eight 6mg tablets.

If manufactured at scale they would cost a fraction of that.

But that’s the point, isn’t it? There’s not a lot of money to be made if you mass produce a cheap generic. The tablets I got were, according to the pharmacy, made by a small compounding chemist in Pretoria.

So it really wasn’t surprising that my pharmacist friend really seemed to believe ivermectin was only a veterinary deworming drug.

Even though it is on the WHO’S list of essential medicines, the fact is that outside those tropical countries where it has been so successful for 40 years it is only known among the farming community as an animal treatment.

And the government health authorities and the mainstream media have gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure as few people as possible learn about its efficacy against Covid and to make it very difficult to obtain.

Given the loss of life caused by the failure to treat Covid patients effectively, the suppression of ivermectin is clearly a crime against humanity.

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