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The ideas of liberty have developed over the past decade into a full social movement. Relentless work from people from all over the world has challenged the status quo of state rule and now there is an unbreakable move towards freedom. The great Ludwig von Mises said that we are fighting an intellectual battle, and this has never been more true. As the state grows stronger and more oppressive, citizens are more open to the ideas of freedom that were once dismissed as “fringe.”

At the same time, some questions still persist.

The layperson asks, “Who will build the roads?” or “wouldn’t warlords take over?” and these are legitimate questions when understood as asking: How does the free market provide services that have been (in recent memory) provided by the government? These are so-called “social” problems or services like defense, transportation, environmental regulation, welfare and waste management. While these questions have been worked out theoretically, it is incumbent upon us as free marketeers to give concrete shape to what we are advocating.

How do we pivot? What can we do to demonstrate the superiority of markets over government services? Or better yet, springing from our intellectual movement, what is next for liberty?

The next step for liberty is to give form to our ideas. More than anti-authoritarianism and civil disobedience, it is time to build.

We must begin our own entrepreneurial endeavors. We must compete with the state where it is weak. The express intent of our enterprise must be wealth creation coupled with state competition. This will provide hard evidence that markets can provide higher quality and more effective service that state institutions. There are already thriving non-state industries (i.e. computer and app technology) but the icons of these sectors always yield the need for a government and its “services.” Only by putting our vision to work will the ideas of freedom begin to take hold.

The Recycle Revolution Campaign is doing just that. We are hijacking the environmental movement and mounting strong competition to the stagnated, state-sponsored waste management industry. We take food leftovers from restaurants and feed them to a special kind of fly called the black soldier fly. Black soldier flies eat massive amounts of leftovers, and become a great source of protein for animals. We use fly larvae to produce protein feed for livestock. We can manufacture protein rich feed at a lower cost than other sources because the cost to rear black soldier flies is very low.

This takes the next step for freedom.

First, it competes with a state service to derive a side-by-side comparison. Second, instead of sending waste to landfills, we can convert it into something productive. Through this, we are reducing the carbon footprint of food waste (via methane gas from rotting food in landfills) and helping to conserve land. Third, we can provide a low cost protein rich animal feed to developing markets that struggle to afford the unstable cost of fish meal. This is the genius of the market at work: we can solve the food waste/ environmental problem without restriction, without regulation but by creation.

We need your help to get started. We are crowdfunding to get this project off the ground, getting support from free marketeers who want to advance freedom to the next level. Check out our Indiegogo page, where you can become part of what we are doing.

If we can solve a “social” problem like the environment with a clear free market drive, it will serve as an express example of where the state was failing and the market stepped in with an ingenious solution (and created wealth in the process). It will be a crack in the foundation of consent that the general populace has acquiesced to state rule. This is a very much needed next step for liberty which can give its magnificent academic body a robust and defined form.

The time is now. Share and support us on Indiegogo.

Author: Justin Nguyen is founder and director of Nguyen Solutions, a Christian and libertarian startup currently crowdfunding a campaign to recycle food using the black soldier fly. Their mission is to drive social change in direction of liberty using creativity, industry and free markets. Check it out at