The one-sided nature of the mainstream media

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Written by: Adrian Luppnow

An open letter to the News Editor of eNCA

What are we becoming as a society when a reputable media organisation such as yours, is complicit in the demonization of a societal sector?

Much has been said about the attacks on the mainstream media during the American elections – I am of the opinion that such attacks are warranted if I merely consider what is happening in our own country.

Racism is an ill which is unacceptable, but your organisation has used this very ill to demonize and stereotype white people in South Africa.

You gave as much coverage as is humanly possible to the now-infamous Penny Sparrow case and more recently to the “coffin case” – spending entire mornings covering court proceedings in respect of the latter case. If your organisation was objective in the manner in which you report racist incidents, I would have no problem with this but, you are not impartial in the way that racism is covered.

Your reporting seems to have placed special emphasis on the fact that, “a white man who forced a black man into a coffin was denied bail”. In respect of the numerous (almost daily) farm murders in South Africa, which you don’t seem to find important enough to cover, do you think it would be apt to report that “a black man tortured a white farmer before killing him and his family”?

Well, I suspect that you wouldn’t, because it’s seemingly unfair and promotes racial stereotyping. While the coffin case was found to be an act of racism because of the use of the “K word”, it would probably only be the machinations of a white supremacist mind to suggest that farm murders are racially motivated because some politicians advocate “kill the farmer, kill the boer”?!

It is seemingly also not newsworthy to highlight the recent Facebook issue where one Sinazo Kwahanya Bambeni posted, “On military training to kill white people and take the stolen land back. One settler, One bullet”. Think again of the racism involved in murders on marginalised white farmers. I remind you too that white people who were “on military training” (the infamous “Boeremag”, seemingly to kill black people) are still in prison after many years. Is it of no interest, at all, that there seemingly exists a militia training program in South Africa aimed at killing white people?

If the media wishes to be treated with respect, then you ought to ply your trade without fear or favour – eNCA is not doing this at present and, quite frankly, by your one-sided journalism you are tacitly vilifying and stereotyping white South Africans as being racist rather than pointing out criminality within the ranks of this ethnic group.

Yours faithfully,

Adrian Luppnow


  1. It is high time that these facts about our medias biased and quite frankly racially provocative reporting agenda become not only a point of discussion but a point of order for them to take note of and rectify. – Not mentioned were the many instances of ‘Kill white people’ and ‘fuck white people’ that formed part of the #feesmustfall campaign of last year – A media supported campaign that had vastly anti- white overtones in its execution – most of which were ‘swept under the carpet’ in favor of other racially biased reporting preferences as noted.

    As to the deadly silence from most quarters on Malema’s very public ‘SLAUGHTER of white people’ statements – an extreme racial provocation well beyond either the Penny Sparrow or the ‘coffin Case’, already forgotten by the media on day 2, ????. Well done Mr Luppnow for raising this in an open letter for whatever it is worth.

  2. This is the same media that focused on the Oscar trial as if it was the most important thing to happen to this country since the fall of apartheid. I doubt they’re trying to push an anti-white agenda, i rate they’re just trying to sensationalize stories to get viewers. That’s what happens when you have a 24 hour news cycle, you have to make mountains out of mole hills. And on the point of farm murders; i hear what you’re saying, but I’ve seen more in the media about farm murders compared to murders in rural areas, ghettos and gang killings in the cape. But having said that, i definitely agree that attacks from whites on blacks gets way more attention then attacks of blacks on whites… hopefully your next article will tackle the issue of racial bias in the criminal justice system, which i perceive as way more serious than the media.


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