Our Democracy Burns


Originally posted on Voice of Zaggeta

It has been a long and uncertain road but finally we have reached the cul-de-sac at the end of the street to find that our opponents got there first. The Secrecy Bill was recently passed by the South African Parliament, edging in a new age of fascism and oppression.

Many have given up already; what can you really do against the government? That is the thought that crosses the minds of the average citizen. Fear of the state and the belief that the government is omnipotent has been hammered into us for so long over the generations that it is a wonder we have any progress whatsoever. It is this blind sheepishness that allows the roots of oppression to dig down and infect our nation, slowly seeping in until it is almost too late. Those that tolerate and support oppression either through ignorance or consent are just as much to blame as the legislators.

But there are still those that stand up to defend our rights, the rights that Nelson Mandela himself set for us all those years ago. He said that never under an ANC majority will the freedom of the press be under jeopardy, do you really want to make him a liar? Organizations like the Right2Know, the DA and our own still stand to fight this bill to the last. Even Cosatu have decided to pitch in and oppose this vile monstrosity of a law. Both the Democratic Alliance and Cosatu will be bringing the bill to the Constitutional Court to fight its validity in the very halls named after the paper which protects the people from the state which is meant to protect us in the first place. But once again, the regime has disregarded the will of the people and announced their intention to re-organize the Constitutional Court, therefore breaking chances of destroying this bill at the height of our democracy.

Many would like to disregard what is happening in our great nation but this cannot be ignored. Ignorance is merely feeding them as much as support. We must not fall to despair, we must continue to fight this, for ourselves, for our children and for those that fought and died to give us the freedom we take for granted. Even though the world ignores us and the people would rather trick themselves into a blind bliss, there are still those that fight on, and you, as a true citizen of South Africa, must join them. We will adopt the tactics of our forefathers who brought down the foundations of Apartheid to take down this system that personifies it in a new form. This new age of Neo-Apartheid policies must be brought to an end before the roots are too deep and violent revolution would be the only solution.

It is your obligation to disobey this law! It is the obligation of all to disobey this law. As a united people, we will throw down this bill and spit in the faces of those who created it. When that happens, we will find that the cul-de-sac is but an unfinished road, a road we must pave ourselves if we are to have a better future.

Our Democracy Burns