Owning Our Own Platform (Subscribe to the Rational Digest)


fallism-cover-picRunning a commentary website like the Rational Standard, especially considering our niche nature in a country dominated by other, backwards narratives, is very hard work.

While we have managed to maintain an exemplary stream of constant and high quality articles, which have made people think and reconsider their worldviews, we always strive to do better, and what we fundamentally lack at the Rational Standard is dedicated traffic. We don’t have the necessary funds to pay for billboards or television advertisements, or even to pay for Facebook ads all the time. We rely on social media and the hope that our fans and readers will share our content.

The problem with relying on social media platforms is that we cannot control our reach. We can post and share as much as we want, but Twitter’s and Facebook’s algorithms and the hurried nature of the social media user, remain king. This system is too fickle for a professional commentary site, and, as such, we have established a new system to own our own platform and maintain dedicated traffic. In doing so, we also hope to cultivate a closer, more intimate relationship with our readers.

We are therefore happy to present the official Rational Standard subscription system.

While the built-in subscription system has been successful in maintaining some readers, it doesn’t allow us the necessary control over our content that we would like. Due to this, we have decided to establish a new system, but rest assured, current subscribers will be added automatically to the new list, and need not lift a finger!

As a Rational Standard subscriber, you will receive round-ups of the articles of the week, updates on the progress and development of the Rational Standard and our mission to bring some sanity to South African civil society, tips on being a better leader for liberty, and exclusive access to the digitised versions of our planned publications. To sweeten the deal, subscribers will all be sent an exclusive e-book copy of Fallism: One Year of Rational Commentary, once it is released.

This new project will help us control our own platform, but more importantly, allow us to maintain a closer relationship with our readers. We want to be your voice, and want to help you be a better leader in spreading individualism, rationality, and the ideas of freedom in South Africa.

Through our subscription mechanism, this will all become possible – all for the very rational cost of ‘free’.

If you have not subscribed, please do so HERE.