The Politics of Nihilism and the Attitude of Resentment

If discipline is relaxed and when it has not been replaced by high morale you get a mob. – Lord Moran Movements like “#Allmustgo”, students revolting through organized  group-think, and stupid and hateful comments in social media, the tendency of some parties or some parts of parties...

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If discipline is relaxed and when it has not been replaced by high morale you get a mob. – Lord Moran

Movements like “#Allmustgo”, students revolting through organized  group-think, and stupid and hateful comments in social media, the tendency of some parties or some parts of parties to ’go’ violently in their political speech  are a most disturbing input into the political culture of South Africa.

Before we – as usual – cite “Apartheid” and “racism’ as reasons, let’s try to abstract.

Nihilists are approaching us and academic cowards throw away their defences at the slightest show of arms or are behaving as enemies and traitors (or even commanders?)  intra muros.

It would be quite interesting why – with all the real challenges and real poverty we have to deal with – the productive, combating  and creative class shall suffer under a nihilistic class; the most useless class in history.

It is the power-mad political waltz of the “autistic liberated from being talented with matric results desired by political-inspired school statistics”.

You get that problem, if you let half-baked students from half funny schools with a half constructed matric into the realms of academia.

There they discover that they are of course unfit to meet the standards. As being , see above, they do not blame  themselves or a rotten school system, but of course the usual suspects.

This challenge is not new. As Otto von Bismarck pointed out:

“The nihilists consists of matric proletarians, of half-baked people, the surplus which is donated by the high schools to civil life without that  being able to digest this surplus … it is the over production of half educated people which has the … nihilistic effect. After having dreamed of a life on the top their stipends run low and they can be glad to become night watchers or something similar …”

I have a theory. Well, anyone may have a theory, but with all due respect and humble reserve, I may say to a benign public that the roots are on the one hand laying in a personal development of persons and on the other hand in Marxist theory.

– As a child they  must have been successful in their obstinate phase and have terrorised their (weak) parents.

– Then discovering that they can overcome with their will nearly everything they start to command (Rabbaeeeeee!) and everybody and are mollified according to the rule: ‘the loudest squeaking hinge gets oiled first’.

– So they learn that they can make a living without being themselves really productive and that they can live fine from third party contributions (the big 1st lessons for wannabee achieving socialists!).

– Up into the “protected workshop” financed by taxpayers’ money.

– Moving away from any calculating, responsible, rational thinking. If something goes wrong it is the class enemy, then deformation of progressive thinking, sabotage, climate change … whatever, but never you. Just look at Venezuela now. A rational, emotional self-analysis of the own personality never takes place. Why? That’s useless, because “it” the progressive person, is perfect.

– There then they discover that the universe has to revolve around them without if and then. They are the centre and the prime cause of all.

– They put themselves into the state of permanently annoyed, insulted, and discriminated. Whatever. From that sub-position everything else and everybody else is viciously attacked.

–  All that turns into is introducing others to a feeling of guilt and moral inferiority.

– It is a pure power game and aims at submitting the other, nothing else. These people cannot live without humiliating others just for the sake for it.

– With all that comes intellectual and emotional autism and solipsism. No rational discussion is allowed. No exchange of ideas takes place. Only rabies theologici and systematic moralistic and criminal destruction of the intellectual adversary. As the great American philosopher and economist Thomas Sowell pointed out: “The problem is not that Johnny cannot read or write, the problem is not that Johnny cannot think, the problem is that Johnny does not know what thinking is and believes expressing feelings is thinking.”

– As society is still such an awful and bad and racist and unequal and exploitive thing, totalitarian destructive models are devised by the notorious intellectual under-achiever.

– Groups in their totality are declared immoral (very helpful later when real extinction starts …) or burdened with a big guilt, whatever and every claim again is valid and therefore the business of material restitution rides in.

– The high priests of organized guilt and compensation ride in and demand their share.

– It is “a slavish companion of alien force and alien decision” as the great German legal scholar and philosopher Carl Schmitt remarked.

– First vampires’ sucking and then complain that the victim does not react positively.

– Cultural nihilism in its end is propagating genocide through national suicide.

– They are fascinated with everything destructive, abortion, euthanasia, mercy killing, cultural ugliness and meanness. The more primitive, the lower, the better.

– Finally they are happy to rule over a mass of fellahs with some high-intellectual and obscene rich rulers, of course all of them humanity-loving progressives, all of them in fact spiritually impotent and also only serving as slaves but not with the influence of domestics.

They can be described as cantankerous, wilful, arrogant, lazy and unwilling to accept neither advice nor reproach. At the same time they demand unqualified subservience from others fancying themselves as thought leaders. Increasingly unbalanced venting an irrational fury against mankind in general for falling to recognise their genius, moving around, avoiding real work, living in a dream world, finally dodging the draft and  are ‘unfit for combat and auxiliary duties’. You would be surprised which person was described by that.

These people construct or erect a complex, in itself a closed system which is immune to any kind of criticism and falsification. That alone would not be dangerous or could even be harmless like the lady from Australia, who maintains since many years that she nourishes herself exclusively from pure light. Bon appétit, Madame! We speak of mania or delusion if with rationally uncorrected certainty a wrong model of reality or a wrong way of gaining information is presented and advocated contrary to a right or wrong model of reality.

That alone must not be dangerous, if somebody believes that the Earth is flat, be it. Cults must not be dangerous, they can also be funny but cults can also become very destructive. But if we see political and economic and cultural developments of the last years it seems to me that a lot of persons in leading positions live in a world of delusions. It is the “March of Folly’.

To paraphrase Harold Bloom, Marxists, multiculturalists, feminists, historicity experts of the French school, they all know theory of their own case but they do not know real life. Their world view is radically upside down so that it cannot be explained as a misunderstanding. It is the open confession that they have no interest in the real world. It is a cloud cuckoo land full of phrases and jargon. History is social history and nothing more and the resentment loaded view demands to see only suppression, slavery, discrimination and inequality. They are ‘professional prophets and interprets of resentment” totally possessed with sex and gender, power, money and privilege but never having a self-earned chance to get that. Out of their frustration comes the fanatic will to spoil the fun for the others.

It becomes very dangerous for culture, state and society if a mania is combined with a sociopathic or psychopathic tendency which leads to the fanatic desire to criminalize and morally discriminate everybody who does not agree. Therefore every argument becomes a moralistic blackmailing and a power play aiming at the complete subjugation of the other who is constructed as pure evil. It is paranoid behaviour conquering the political and cultural sphere.

We had quite a number of people in the 20th century running around with that attitude, I must not tell names.

The fight against “Whiteness” is therefore not a fight against a specific system, a specific culture or a specific group but the fight against culture as such. By destroying “Whiteness” of course also “Blackness’ is destroyed, if everything goes everything may or can go down.

The system is perfect: self-serving, self-satisfying, self-pleasing, self-referring. But it does produce nothing and lives only from the substance, materially, intellectually and morally.

To paraphrase Otto von Bismarck (he spoke about vanity): Resentment is the burden on the character of a man which must be deducted  from his essence to get his real value. If I look at the preachers of resentment their value is zero.

But a “zero’ multiplied with any other values can reduce all to ‘zero’.

Videant quirites!

Author: Dr.iuris Harald Sitta is an Austrian attorney emeritus and business owner who immigrated to South Africa in 2007.

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