Rational Debate on Politics, or Just the Poisoning of Wells?

About the riff raff – Friedrich Nietzsche, Zarathustra II Martin van Staden dealt with the teachings of Gillian Schutte in his recent article “Reject the preachers of economic ignorance” from the point of view of economic science. It is quite embarrassing that she, being the epitome...

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About the riff raff

– Friedrich Nietzsche, Zarathustra II

Martin van Staden dealt with the teachings of Gillian Schutte in his recent article “Reject the preachers of economic ignorance” from the point of view of economic science. It is quite embarrassing that she, being the epitome of the lunatic left fringe, regularly writes in the Sunday Independent, a newspaper which I assumed has, and demands, standards.

Well, we can all be wrong.

Putting the lunatic fringe into the centre is, especially in the South African circumstances, a frivolous and dangerous game. I remind the readers that a small bunch of Cambodian students at Sorbonne University were infected with ultra-left ideas and concepts, and many likely thought “well – they are just students”. What happened, though, was that through a series of unfortunate coincidences, this group of students formed the Khmer Rouge – the most cruel, mass-murdering and genocidal regime the world has ever seen.

For me and all the benign followers and readers of the Rational Standard, a lot of reasons exist to finally deal with Schutte; she being the essence of all that we fight, combat, and negate. We cannot ignore reality, and especially – as Ayn Rand said – cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality. And the reality is that some pretty awful poisoners of wells and ideological fanatics are running around, rocking the boat, and doing their best to run this country. Therefore a firm stand and energetic, definite reactions are necessary.

Nietzsche put it bluntly: “Life is a fountain of joy, but where the riff raff also takes up water, all wells are poisoned.” Since the 2015/2016 ‘debates’, or rather the public character assassinations, of a few really bad white men (RBWM), I believed that something was missing… and now we got it! It was, of course, Schutte’s contribution, by slandering a white female judge. No progressive razzmatazz complete without her emanations. Now, the whole punch-and-Judy-show is perfect; I am happy. Welcome, Gilli-Baby; it’s a pleasure. She is the ultimate and absolutely unrenounceable part of any meaningful, full and consequent attack on culture in the spirit of Theodor Adorno’s (another RBWM) Minima Moralia. Thank you for being as you are.

And thank the (maybe) non-existing God/Goddess/Supreme Neutral – whatever – that I may attack her… in all decency, of course!

As we NeoPagans (her term) say: “Blessed be mother Gaia”, and fortified with that prayer, I will proceed:

In a most structured way, covered in the harness of her deconstructive ueber-armour, she takes no prisoners, nor do I. We have to answer, as otherwise her contribution would be just another monologue. As she has ‘it’, quite accentuated with erections and de-erections and phalli (as her remarks on the removal of the C.J. Rhodes monument have shown) I guess she is a case of the hungry, speaking about food.

Well then, at least I hope to contribute to her pleasures in a philosophical way. I like serving female needs, but not being ideologically completely neutral towards these ideological Madame sans genes, I doubt if my opinions will be honoured by her. So be it, but she needs special attention, and a special treatment.

Schutte, as I learned from her website, does not particularly like whites or white men (she did not mention Aryans; so I hope she dislikes them too!), imperialists, capitalists, reactionaries, conservatives, Christians, or any kind of anti-progressive scum. Besides that, she seems not to be peculiarly judgemental. Great!

It’s definitely easier to stand her (please excuse the phallocratic notion) if someone is privileged; and I am.

So, I wake up in the morning in my typical thatched Bryanston hut, my maid brings my coffee to the bed, I rise and go to my swimming pool. After a few minutes I walk to my tennis court with my racket and strike a few balls. After breakfast is served by my maid with some hot and spicy titbits, I drive my Jaguar to business appointments, having some difficult negotiations, and busily engaging in cruel exploitation of the toiling masses. It’s a living, and the cream on top are the feminist-minded perfumed rants of Schutte which I like to turn into a wonderfully-scented dialogue.

I wonder why Schutte seems to be so fanatic in her views. My advice? Relax, enjoy… hedonism is a fabulous thing. And maybe you then experience what a de-erection really looks like, definitely not like a crane putting a sitting man hard as stone first up and then down.

The specific charm – for me, having immigrated in 2007 – of South Africa was and in essence still is that a lot of silly ideas and puffed up and pathetic declarations and ideologies have no real chance to succeed. Due to her isolated position (politically and geographically) and due to the never failing humorous and practical spirit of its natives (of all colours) they have no real chance to creep into this glorious country.

Is that changing? Following the discussions of the last two years, the #fallist movement, and her contributions, it might be that some nonsense from the rocky 1960s and the silly 1970s are taking hold in South Africa, especially in the intellectually, morally, and spiritually most feeble institutions: universities.

It seems to be the destiny of naïve African natives of all colours to become victims of European frippery traders selling 4th hand pieces of obsolete ideologies to them like glass pearls some hundreds of years ago. May the buyer beware! What Schutte is proclaiming in a prolix way was told to us many years ago by Nikki de Saint Phalle in a much more elegant way (French, cultural anarchist but at least recognizing the need of an aristocratic approach, although through and through pseudo) way. Nevertheless, it was and it is hogwash and poppycock.

But Madame Nikki did at least present her intellectual work in a charming way. Madame sans-blanc is still looking for a Robespierre noir and guillotines (of course, long and erected, excuse again…) to satisfy her feminist-socialist-love needs (no kidding, it’s from the header of her website!).

It may sound funny, but I agree with Schutte as far as ‘liberal white male gatekeepers’ are concerned. Alright, guys, it just does not pay off to try to be nice, tolerant, liberal, progressive, understanding – whatever. Wake up, softies! “Empty and perfidious phrases of hypocrisy” (to cite the great white man (GWM) Theodor Mommsen) don’t help and only make enemies. You get kicked anyway. I enjoy that. These wonderful gentlemen try to avoid progressive ostracism and get it anyway; I love it. And they deserve it.

And now, dear reader, I may shock you by saying I am a confessing imperialist (especially if the empire is Catholic and Hapsburg), I see colo, colui, cultus (look at your Latin dictionary if you have one, and if not, Google it) as indispensable for developing a blossoming and flourishing nation, I am a supporter of free market economy which brings wealth and fair chances to the poor just opposite a socialist economy, which is only able to bake slogans and doctor wrong and utterly misleading statistics. To be constructive and to be conservative amounts to much more than self-appointed intellectual giants being only nagging nibblers and systematically poisoning wells.

As the great Chinese reformer Teng Hsiau Ping said about left radicals: they sit on the loo and cannot even shit!

Good bye, Mrs Schutte, and shut up!

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      Yes, no problems. Should i have one? Long ago I decided to have no problems any more. If others misbehave THEY have a problem. I am amused.

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    Lovely put down (or up?)…enjoyed it let us see more!

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