#RiffRaffmustfall in Light of Bongani Mayosi Death

Odeo vulgum profanum et arceo Horaz The pupils of bantu education (BE) longed for better education and schools; whereas the offspring of BEE degenerates and the products of post 1994 schooling are longing for the harassment and destruction of the lives of excellent black academics....

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Odeo vulgum profanum et arceo


The pupils of bantu education (BE) longed for better education and schools; whereas the offspring of BEE degenerates and the products of post 1994 schooling are longing for the harassment and destruction of the lives of excellent black academics. This is regarded as a progressive fight against colonialism, since these black academics are seen as coconuts or sellouts.

The destruction of ‘Euro-centric’ structures and decolonizing this or that by this noble bunch of nihilist maniacs goes on until everyone is equal, having an identical life on the level of the Khoisan; enjoying the simple pleasures of basic communism,  maybe even combined with matriarchy and no chance to hurt mother Gaia. The latter having the excuse that a very simple life may have a certain charm if you know nothing else but the former march from barbarism to culture into degeneracy followed by new barbarism knowingly and with loud shouts of ‘hurrah’.

In this paradise, no artefacts will remind us of imperialism and colonialism. Gravity and any kind of scientific knowledge will be unmasked as a reactionary construct of dead white European men. No more than about 50,000 beings would be able to sustain life on Earth with an average life-expectancy of 25 and a death rate at birth or early childhood of more than 60 percent. But racism, capitalism and whatever else tickles your fancy will be extinguished! A paradise, but without apples and a snake.

The suicide of a brilliant academic, Professor Bongani Mayosi, was widely reported and regretted. But was it understood who is really responsible for the tragedy?

As the Sunday Times (5th of August, Insight third section, p1) said, a “world-leading cardiologist never recovered after being denounced as a ‘coconut’ and ‘sellout’.”

Now they are all deeply moved, shaken, disturbed, some wailing around their self-constructed PTSDs. But forget it.

  • What have academic institutions at UCT done in the last three years against the student mob?
  • Why did Dr. Max Price and others act cowardly and gave in to all kind of mob actions and demands, sacrificing the substance of the university, the interests of real learners and real teachers on the high altar of political correctness?
  • What have journalists and politicians done more or less directly supporting this mob and showing understanding for their actions? Well, it is only a little innocent vandalizing of statues, not more, isn’t? It is not!
  • What responsibility has a shady figure like Dr. Iqbal Surve (see this article by Ed Herbst) in supporting #FeesMustFall? Well, this gentleman is quite wealthy, so, like Cecil Rhodes, he could have bequeathed his wealth or part of it to found a trust helping needy but gifted students. He did not, he and his newspapers supported the mob. Tell me of striking differences.

Responsible they are, all those ideological pimps for all material and much more important immaterial damages and now for the death of an outstanding academic.

Chris Barron wrote an excellent overview of Mayosi’s life and achievements in the Sunday Times. It would have been worthy to write such an article in a hypothetical series about black achievements and excellence; but no, it was an obituary for a victim of bully-boys (including in the area of progressive feminism, surely also bully-girls).

He was born 1967 in Mthatha, the son of a medical doctor and a nurse, matriculated from St. John’s College, saw his calling in healthcare and medical services and studied at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. He worked on research projects and received degrees with distinctions in 1986 and 1989.

But it was not for the evil Apartheid government to intervene and make his life miserable. Surprise, surprise! It was the blood red fanatics and sympathizers of the EFF and BLF to end the life of an outstanding (black) academic. No surprise! Because such an career only camouflages the systemic racism of the system. This suicide was a consequence of nihilist politics, cowardice and allowing the scum to roam freely.

Otto von Bismarck recognized the destructive potential of the nihilistic matric proletariat as he called the indigestible surplus of high schools who dream to get top jobs but must finally be glad if they find work as janitors. Of course, today, after 10 years of studying ‘whiteness’ or ‘suppression of women’  or ‘exploitation by capitalism’ in some obscure, unnecessary and preposterous university department staffed by teachers who (to adapt a saying coined by Bismarck for journalists) would also have failed in another profession.

Our society is full of people who are good-for-nothings and fail everywhere, seducing and encouraging others to also fail. They are only outstanding in complaining about the evil, suppressive, racist and whatever systems which blocked their advance and are only able to shout out loud for welfare subsidies, especially the girls among that rabble bravely raising three children (from five fathers) as the next generation of misfits and good-for-nothings.

If we read, for example, Jung Chang’s book Wild Swans – if we can read and want to read and like to inform ourselves and increase our knowledge – which is surely an outdated reactionary Eurocentric colonialist construct; she described in nasty detail the behaviour of the ‘red guards’ at universities and towards professors (pp 388f) at denunciation meetings. Obviously our scum learned from this scum. China had and has an admirable high culture of 5,000 years and was finally able to overcome this nihilist scum but not without severe damages. And us? I forgot, it is Jan van Riebeeck’s fault! Of course.

At the beginning of all this rubbish, a young black lady told me that this was the result of letting half-witted students from half-funny schools with a half-baked matric into university. Perfectly described. Instead of giving our pupils and students an education in the tradition of Sir Karl Popper, who said that the essence of education is to enable the student to differentiate between a real expert and a quack, we in many cases are creating  “3/8 misinformed” , nourished only with empty and hollow phrases emanated by puffed-up nobodies and prone to all kind of quacks and good only in the never-ending culture of complaint and lamentation.

No, for all this rabble and their political pimps, I demand severe punishment! It is time that the PoQu – people of quality of all colours – unite against the PoRC – the people of (ideological blood) red colour. Dixit!

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