A rumble in the jungle (Part 2)

L0004550 The new Home and Colonial Offices, Westminster, 1875. Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images [email protected] http://wellcomeimages.org The new Home and Colonial Offices, Parliament Street, Westminster, 1875. Photograph Published: - Copyrighted work available under Creative Commons Attribution only licence CC BY 4.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/

A Rumble in the Jungle Part 1

The tragedy of these empires was due to three big blunders in Europe, namely, the First World War, communism, and Nazism. These had to be liquidated much too early.

Even (and especially) in Latin America, it was a tragedy that, at the beginning of the 19th century, they had overthrown the Spanish. Brazil became independent but had the very good idea of remaining a monarchy with one Austrian archduchess playing an important role as Empress. This empire abolished slavery and its monarchs went about a lot of rational, enlightened reforms. But guess what? Some latifundistas revolted and founded the republic. Sad – very sad.

It would have been good for Africa and its people to have remained under colonial rule for more time, at least one hundred years more.

Who abolished slavery? The European powers, at the Congress of Vienna in 1814.

Who fought the Arab slave hunters – who had, in fact, been the biggest slave hunters through centuries in Africa?

At least the European traders paid the local potentates for the slaves sold. The Arabs just robbed them. Have you heard about any compensation claim directed against the oil-rich Arab states? They must have good attorneys, or they just bribed the representatives of the toiling masses.

I do not intend to say that all was merry, soft and nice. Uppish and rebellious natives had been shot, native labour was abused – I would not have liked to be in a gold mine 100 years ago. That is all admitted. English and French soldiers plundered the imperial Chinese summer palace in 1860 and ran roughshod over China and East Asia. But you have to see the overall input and the tendency. The investments, the medical doctors, the teachers, the missionaries, the infrastructure. To undergo the changes to a modern industrial civilisation was also not easy for the Europeans. It cost blood, sweat and tears, some generations toiled heavily so that we – their heirs – can enjoy wealth and prosperity. Due to lack of character some forget that, become degenerate, and develop silly nihilist ideas. So it goes.

“I am an admirer of the parliamentary system of the West. The Magna Carta, the petition of rights and the bill of rights are documents held in veneration… throughout the world. I have great respect for British political institutions and for the country’s system of justice.”

That was said by a certain Nelson Mandela. Surprise, surprise.

Look, ladies and gentleman of the DA. Your task is not to make a policy which the progressive crowd of makers, shakers and formers of political and social opinion agree with, like the ANC does. Just be more efficient. ANC slogans minus 20 percent and the whole thing, a few years later, is not a recipe for success. In their opinion you are ‘coconuts’ and ‘Uncle Toms’ and ‘sell-outs’ anyway. So please enjoy the invectives and make a rational, proudly counter-revolutionary policy.

But the whole business it is not only about political domination. It is about culture and the essence of civilization. Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Indians – whoever – have no problem with adapting to the technologies, science or methods of the West. Many Japanese adore classical (European) music, especially classical Austrian music. Have they stopped being Japanese by doing that? No. A lot of Asian nations adapted and adopt European instruments and techniques, sometimes to our disadvantage. They know it assists them in becoming stronger. They do not complain – at least not too much. They just assimilate and learn and work. That might be quite a good recipe; except for the eternally-annoyed crowd in socialist, communist, nihilist, and academic ranks and realms. Or does anyone really believe that the billions of non-Austrian listeners to the Viennese New Year concert are endangered in their cultural stability?

The result of systemically anti-imperialist thinking can be seen in Haiti.

Independent since 1802, Haiti has thrown off the joke of French colonialism and plantation slavery. The result? As poor, as inept, as bankrupt, as miserable, as dependent on aid as ever. But very good in complaining about a certain ‘legacy’. The Japanese and the Germans after 1945 did not complain; instead they started anew, raised from horrible ruins and disaster. But that must have been an imperialist racist conspiracy. Or constipation? Whatever…

Sure, this crowd does not fight a certain political domination or philosophical domination. By the way, why do these ‘progressives’ orientate themselves on Karl Marx and other revolutionaries and enlightened progressives? Aren’t those also ‘dead white European men’? The most poisonous legacy of Lenin and the early Bolshie rule was to galvanize the Oriental (later called the Third World) masses, recognizing that they would be the real revolutionary proletariat serving the power greedy needs of those intellectuals as the European workers had lost revolutionist impetus due to the many social reforms in Europe and the influence of the reformist wing of the socialist movement.

This crowd of nihilist intellectuals are fighting culture, especially the European culture as it developed and evolved on the fundamentals of Greek philosophy, Roman law, Christian faith, and ancient techniques blossoming especially from the Renaissance onward. They just hate it. Full stop. That they are themselves products of the very system they hate does not factor in their minds. I do not know why. The last bimbo walking out of the bush into town to get a job there and make a living has more sense and respect for culture and more industry and productivity in himself than they have. Why this self-hate, this longing for a common cultural suicide exists – I do not know; maybe psychologists have an answer for that.

Nihilists are approaching us and academic cowards throw away their defences at the slightest show of arms, or are behaving as enemies and traitors (or even commanders?) intra muros.

It would be quite interesting to know why – with all the real challenges and real poverty we have to deal with –  the productive ones shall suffer under a nihilistic class – the most useless class in history:

It is the power mad political waltz of the “autistic liberated from being talented possessing matric certificates desired by school statistics” [17]

 “The nihilists consists of matric proletarians, of half baked people, the surplus which is donated by the high schools to civil life without that being able to digest this surplus … it is the over production of half educated people which has the … nihilistic effect. After having dreamed of a life on the top their stipends run low and they can be glad to become night watchers or something similar … Look at these persons . No real worker among them … partly well educated people among them …  Anyway corrupted students, unspoiled fantasists … and quite rich ones … [18]

The dirty foam of European Nihilism and Communism touching South Africa coasts under the mask of – you won’t believe it – Anti-Colonialism and anti-Imperialism. It would be funny if not so potentially dangerous and obnoxious.

Nobody said it better than the great Austrian literate and philosopher Egon Friedell [19]. As the French revolution and psychoanalysis – the world wide attack on what is basically the Occidental European culture – is done by the typical representatives of the scum of any revolution or radical and speedy evolvements, it is a pale, parasitic underworld assassination attempt by ideological vampires on anybody and anything which is straight, clear, rational, elegant, dignified and industrious. It is the paranoid and fanatic slave revolt against culture.

Summarized the whole anti-colonialist outcry is just a fake; it is not about political independence or freedom. It is a power play; a systematic moralistic blackmail. It is the revolt of the eternal low-life gutter boys (and sometimes g-girls) against all that is elitist, superior, advanced, and structured. This is what you get if half-witted guys visit half-done schools receiving a half-baked matric certificate and are then let loose on universities and real life. There, they can exhibit their system of jargon as a science clothed in a lot of phrases. Out of a correctly-stated inferiority they make their resulting resentments then a measurement for all others. Professional complainers then turn into professional politicians being the ‘scourge of modern times ’. [20]

Look scum and assorted rabble, if you want to retreat to the caves or the huts, so be it. Do it. But please leave us alone and do not destroy, destruct, and diminish valuable work done by generations. Out and off you go and shut your mouth. Dixit. Fuori il barbari!

1) For the definition of essence please study Thomas Aquinas De ente et de essentia” and you will find a precise definition. Read it in Latin. You cannot ? Little, silly barbarian you are out. Return to your bloody hut and feel ashamed.

2) A nice term used by Carl Schmitt in the forward to his famous  book “The essence of politics” meaning giving it shape, form, meaning and limits. And then have something useful which might serve as a fundament for a meaningful debate.

3) That was under the cold sun of the Hapsburg rule (this word coined by the novelist Joseph Roth) who since Empress Maria Theresa in the mid of the 18th century ordered to build up a school and university system  which was at its time world class.

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5) As Churchill pointed out in his “History of the English speaking people,” the standard and the comfort of living was for many many centuries below the standard in Roman times.

6) You surely find this hilarious scene on Youtube and if not I do not care … take the video out.

7) Come on. Do not always think automatically of the bad bad Nazis …

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12) but I may just refer to the Nubian High culture of Meroe, the kingdom of Kush, some centuries B.C. ago located in what is now Northern Sudan. Interesting that the super-uber-ultra African ideologues do not know too much about that interesting culture, very similar to the Egyptian one. By the way: dug out by European and North American archaeologists. What would they know if we would not have worked with the spade. But envy only sees the blossoming garden, never the spade…

13) (No, not Charles Darwin but) Friedrich August von Hayek, Evolution and spontaneous order, lecture at Zurich, 1983

14) You would be surprised how ingenious they had been. Just look at the aqueducts and start thinking how they got the water moving …

15) The usual suspects hate it. Look at Gillian Schutte (I deliberately don’t help you with contact details, find out for yourselves) how she defines ‘racism’ in her nice little polemic spittle about “All whites are racist”.

16) An amusing book about that phenomena I may recommend is  “The Comet” telling the story  of Europe without a 1st and 2nd World war, with the institutions and monarchies intact and with Stalin and Hitler just being obscure figures.

17) Not formulated by me but nevertheless definitely witty. Source: “Maerchenwaldzwerg”” in the blog www.sezession.de , 28th of May 2015.

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