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This article appeared originally on Written by: Lionel Bisschoff In the fast changing world within which we find ourselves, our governments are like dinosaurs bumbling about in a world which they cannot understand and cannot adapt to. Fast, drastic change is needed in how we structure...

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This article appeared originally on

Written by: Lionel Bisschoff

In the fast changing world within which we find ourselves, our governments are like dinosaurs bumbling about in a world which they cannot understand and cannot adapt to.

Fast, drastic change is needed in how we structure our society.

Wards and Councillors can and must play a leading role in this transformation over the next 10 years, starting now. Starting today.

Here’s why…

Societal Revolution

Technology is the ultimate world game changer.

As the human race creates new technologies through the practical application of new knowledge gained through scientific research, the new technology enables and causes change in how we live, communicate, learn, organise ourselves, work, and socialise.

The new technologies that have become available to us over only the last 20 years make a mockery of the 1000’s of years of innovation of the past.

Here is what happened:

  • Digitisation of all collected human knowledge
  • Ubiquitous access to all collected human knowledge
  • Ubiquitous ability for all to communicate and collaborate locally and globally, with shared access to all human knowledge
  • Exponentially increasing mechanisation of mechanical and cognitive intelligence

These four events, still underway, will obliterate much of how the world currently works. This tsunami of change will not occur over many decades. This tsunami of change will occur within the next 10 years.

Some of what will occur around the globe:

  • Digitisation and centralisation of education
    • any child or adult anywhere can access the best lecture ever given on any subject, over and over very cheaply or for free
    • governmental education and certification bodies replaced by privatised and public global international education and certification institutions
    • millions of unemployed teachers– think of musicians before the recording industry came along
  • Digitisation and centralisation of medical diagnosis
    • A computer, named Watson, is now the best player of the TV quiz show Jeopardy
    • Symptoms and blood tests can be recorded by medical technicians.
    • Centralised artificial intelligence services, or “computer doctors”, will diagnose and recommend treatment
  • Money re-invented, privatised
    • money enables humans to co-operate by placing a value on every asset and service and enabling exchange of asset and service value
    • money is created and released into society through banks in the form of debt
    • banks are too inefficient and corrupt to continue being the sole creators of mediums of exchange
    • private global and community controlled local mediums of exchange will emerge

Welcome to the century of Constant Revolution. For more on this see my talk Constant Revolution at

Industrial Age Government and Money

Government is about how we organise ourselves in order to co-operate. Governments also control the means through which we co-operate, namely the supply of money. The way we currently organise ourselves, our governments and the financial industry, worked reasonably well up to now:

  • we are organised into countries, mostly democratic ones
  • citizens of countries vote for a new government every 5 years or so
  • enormous bureaucracies provide education, health and other social services
  • elected politicians vie for re-election and focus very little energy on improving and adapting the provision of services to their citizens via the enormous bureaucracies
  • bureaucracies adapt extremely slowly to change in how the world works
  • the current means of enabling co-operation, namely money, which is:
  • held artificially scarce
  • introduced in the form of credit via banks
  • charged interest on in order to create competition in society

is inefficient and failing in that there are millions finding themselves unable to co-operate together to create value and a life of dignity – the millions of unemployed around the world.

Here is the catch:

the world is about to undergo change at a rate never experienced before

The result?

governments around the world are about to fail catastrophically

Much of what is government provided and controlled via country structures will be replaced by global, centralised private or “new public” services – think Wikipedia and global education.

Millions of government workers unemployed. Unions in the streets, riots, violence.

There are no societal structures in place to cope with millions of jobs being replaced by centralised, global intelligent services created through direct co-operation between global citizens.

Countries will burn.

How will we cope?

Our current centralised governments and their centralised money creation structures must be augmented by, not replaced by, but augmented by:

  • self-organizing communities, making use of global services, to co-operate and provide local and global services to others, creating a life of dignity for all in the community
  • decentralised complementary mediums of exchange enabling citizens to co-operate together directly on a global and local scale
  • local organization and exchange to:
    • educate children via global educational services
    • provide local care for the elderly
    • provide health care centres with access to global  diagnostic services

For this to occur we need strong local leaders helping us to co-ordinate on a decentralised local scale whilst consuming global and local services as well as providing local and global services.

The closest leadership and organizational structures we have are Councillors and Wards.

Mobilitate is working toward enabling our South African Councillors and Ward communities to lead us through this time of great societal transformation.

Citizens and Councillors: stop bickering and start preparing with us.

We are Mobilitate.

We believe in truth, justice and prosperity for all.

Join us.

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  1. Piit Reply

    Very very interesting! Mobilitate bekras down the constitution very nicely, something most ordinary citizens aren’t even aware exists. I am very interested to see how Mobilitate will put this into practise, how it aims to reach the average Joe on the street who doesn’t even know more than 3 Human Rights that he has.

  2. John Bennet Reply

    Nearly all of the things you stated was astonishingly accurate and it makes me ponder the reason why I had not looked at this in this light previously. De-Centralization is the key to success and councillors need to be encouraged to mobilize and take matters into their own hands. This particular article truly did switch the light on for me as far as this subject matter goes.

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