Tembisa Ten Part 1: Where is the Security Camera Evidence?

Where is the processing plant, where is the product and where is the security camera footage showing the babies being abducted - given the fact that all state hospitals have CCTV cameras at the entrance to the building and at the entrance to departments?

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Tembisa Ten Hospital Ward

“Piet is, of course, a connoisseur of bullshit, a liar’s liar who lies so routinely that he probably doesn’t know he’s lying anymore. Piet’s best work is probably the evergreen “Rogue Unit” story, which ran over successive editions of the Sunday Times newspaper during the unhappy year of 2014. In midwifing this narrative, Piet, along with his mendacious co-investigators and feckless editors, undermined the integrity of the South African Revenue Service (SARS) in a sordid but nonetheless significant battle in Jacob Zuma’s larger State Capture campaign.”

Richard Poplak Daily Maverick 28/10/2021

“Little wonder that Iqbal Survé and his editor Piet Rampedi are now experts on human trafficking — they have exploited a woman to save face rather than accept accountability for publishing fake news.

It’s difficult to write about this calmly, because it’s… insane.”

Rebecca Davis Daily Maverick  28/10/2021

In May 2015, apropos Piet Rampedi’s claim that the ‘SARS Rogue Unit’ was running a brothel, I asked a simple question in my ‘Leak Wars’ article:

Where is it?

“A closing thought: I remember reading the Sunday Times article about the ‘rogue unit’ at SARS running a brothel with a sense of disquiet, in part because it made no sense to me. Using such a business as a means of honey trap intelligence gathering would seem to offer little measurable benefit but the risk of exposure would be huge. That story was carried on 9 November last year and no proof has been provided of the bordello’s existence – what its address was, why it only operated in Durban and not in other cities, who worked there, how many worked there, who its patrons were, how the employees were recruited, what they charged, whether they were local women or had come from abroad, whether they were registered with SWEAT, how the brothel managed to escape police raids and avoid the complaints of neighbours and, above all, whether it was tax compliant.”

The first Zondo Commission report proved conclusively how damaging the state capture reporting by discredited journalists like Piet Rampedi has been to us all.

Now, apropos Iqbal Survé’s claim at the Tembisa Ten media conference in October 2021 that ‘baby muti’ is being produced  from ‘trafficked’ babies on such a vast scale that it is generating multi-billion-rand profits, I ask myself a similar question:

Where is the processing plant, where is the product and where is the security camera footage showing the babies being abducted – given the fact that all state hospitals have CCTV cameras at the entrance to the building and at the entrance to departments?

What struck me about that media conference and Survé’s claims was that, despite a four-month investigation, human rights lawyer and acting judge Michael Donen and senior investigative reporter Sizwe Dlamini did not produce a single frame of video evidence to substantiate the allegation that multiple baby abductions are taking place in Gauteng hospitals.

Furthermore, it goes without saying that, for any medical product to generate huge profits, it must be freely available all over the world yet, after months of investigation, Donen and Dlamini have still not produced a single bottle or a single pill of baby ‘muti’ or ‘stem cell’ product.

  • To generate such a trade in ‘muti’ and stem cell products, there must be a factory, the end destination for this organ trafficking syndicate;
  • To generate such a trade, there must be a company or companies with the pharmaceutical expertise to process such human-based medical products;
  • To generate such a trade, there must be a company or companies which market these evil products;
  • To generate such a trade, there must be a pharmaceutical product with a widely-recognised pharmaceutical name;
  • To generate such a trade, the products must be freely available and, as the law requires, information on the contents of the product must be provided with the product packaging or on the label;
  • To generate such a trade, there must be people who purchase products derived from the bodies of murdered babies.

The world is hypersensitive to child abuse, yet Iqbal Survé would have us believe that this monstrous trade has gone undetected until his ‘Tembisa Ten’ breakthrough.

Where is the processing plant and where is the product?

How are the abducted babies or their bodies transported to the processing plant and how has this remained undetected for so long?

More prosaically, where is the Gauteng hospital CCTV security camera footage showing, in the first place, the occurrence of these multiple baby smuggling abductions?

Crime solving 101 says start with the security camera footage and such visual evidence led to the 1994 arrest in Los Angeles of a woman who had abducted a baby from the maternity wards at a local hospital.

There are 39 state-controlled hospitals in Gauteng and the Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital in Soweto is the third-largest hospital in the world.

Among the hospitals in this province – in addition to Baragwanath – with maternity sections are the Helen Joseph Hospital, the Rahima Moosa Mother and Child Hospital, the Tembisa Hospital, the Charlotte Maxeke Hospital, the South Rand Hospital, all in Johannesburg; the Steve Biko and Dr George Mukhari Hospitals in Pretoria; the Arwyp Medical Centre in Kempton Park; the Bertha Gxowa Hospital in Germiston; and the Far East Rand Hospital in Springs.

All state hospitals have CCTV cameras at the entrances and at the entrances to individual departments.

Despite an investigation lasting months, no hospital security camera footage was produced at the media conference in October 2021 to substantiate Survé’s baby trafficking claims. Such CCTV video material would have provided irrefutable and visually compelling proof of the cover-up claims by Survé – prima facie evidence that would have shocked the world.

Psychopathic pedophiles do abduct children – as the ‘Station Strangler’ case proves.

Newborns are, however, not their target, and the must-ask question is this: why despite the hundreds of CCTV security cameras in Gauteng’s state hospitals, has not a single video frame been proffered to substantiate the claim of baby abductions in sufficient numbers to generate a multi-billion rand, intercontinental baby trafficking trade?

What is also striking is the world’s utter indifference to Surve’s outlandish claims – described as ‘insane’ by Rebecca Davis – of babies being abducted and murdered in sufficient numbers to generate an immensely profitable intercontinental trade in baby ‘muti’.

There has been no indication from the police that they consider Survé’s claims as worthy of investigation, very probably because there is no indication that Survé has liaised in any way with them. How does one explain, let alone justify, this?

Equally unmoved are the head of Interpol, Ahmed Nasser Al Raisi, the Director-General of the World Health Organisation, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, and the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ).

Furthermore, in its 2021 report, Human Rights Watch makes specific mention of children’s rights in South Africa, yet this report contains no reference to the multitudinous neonate abductions to sustain a murderous global trade in ‘muti and ‘stem cell’ products which Survé made the focus of his media conference in October last year and are the subject of the current drip feed ‘docuseries’.

If, as Survé claims, the ‘Nigerian doctor with two names’ has fled the country, then the details of this escape must be known to him.

Has Interpol been alerted and, if so, why has there been no issue of the standard Red Notice to ‘seek the location and arrest of a person wanted by a legal jurisdiction or an international tribunal with a view to his/her extradition’?

The ultimate price

South Africa’s healthcare workers have literally put their lives on the line in their Covid-19 fight to keep us all safe and alive, and many have paid the ultimate price.

Those in Gauteng did not retreat from that struggle, yet Survé has accused them all of being complicit in a huge ‘cover-up’, of the mass murder of babies to produce ‘muti’ and stem cell products in a multi-billion rand  global racket so evil that it is unprecedented in world history.

This alleged communal and complicit silence by Gauteng hospital staff, if it were true, is puzzling because a love of gossip is a ubiquitous human trait and, in a cellphone and social media era, leaks are the norm and news and video clips spread across the world in an instant.

Yet, Iqbal Survé would have us believe, a vast conspiracy of silence exists at all levels of hospital administration in Gauteng with the specific objective of preventing his truth about baby trafficking on a huge scale from being revealed to the world.

What should be noted is that the hospitals mentioned in these baby smuggling claims, the Steve Biko Hospital and the Lenmed Zamokuhle Private Hospital and Mediclinic Medforum Hospital – i.e., both state and private hospitals – all deny treating her as a patient.

So, if we accept Dr Survé’s claims in good faith, we have to believe that the staff at these hospitals are all lying and are part of the ‘muti’ syndicate conspiracy.

Furthermore, according to the Gauteng health department, when Sithole was examined at the Tembisa Hospital on 18 June 2021, doctors could find no evidence that she had recently been pregnant or had given birth.

This is hardly surprising, because a 48-year old woman who has not been on fertility treatment giving birth to ten babies is without precedent in world medical history.

One wonders what respected human rights advocate and acting judge, Michael Donen, makes of the way a completely disinterested  world at large has simply accepted this ‘Netflix –style’ mass baby murder for ‘muti’ claim as a smoke and mirrors exercise to distract attention over a protracted period from Piet Rampedi’s ‘Guinness Book of Records’ decuplets money-raising endeavour and the fact that Sekunjalo Independent Media is hopelessly insolvent and unable to pay its debts.

At the time of writing – 16 February – the news has just broken that Nedbank has followed the example of ABSA and FNB and Sasol and the local branch of the global telecommunications group, BT (formerly British Telecoms) and his auditors BDO, and his lawyers, ENS and Webber Wentzel, in severing their ties with the man who attended the Brett Kebble funeral and the Gupta wedding,  for fear of reputational harm.

Could the bizarre Tembisa Ten ‘muti-murder’ claim have played a contributory role in Nedbank’s decision?

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