The Land Grabs Have Started

Adriaan Basson, editor of News24, said that AfriForum had lied because Nkoana-Mashabane said so. Peter Bruce, columnist for BD Live, said that the “loud and threatening response” to EWC would alienate people because no farm had yet been subject to EWC. It appears the fire...

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Adriaan Basson, editor of News24, said that AfriForum had lied because Nkoana-Mashabane said so. Peter Bruce, columnist for BD Live, said that the “loud and threatening response” to EWC would alienate people because no farm had yet been subject to EWC.

It appears the fire in the belly of investigative journalism has burnt out. This is surely a subject begging for some investigative journalism – if only to prove AfriForum wrong.

Sara Gon Govt’s land seizure list: A timeline Politicsweb 29/8/2018

He said he was not a member AfriForum but the organisation was “God sent” because‚ as soon as they got involved‚ things started moving.

“The station commander started to listen; an hour earlier the station commander was saying there is no way they can open the case. AfriForum has a lot of experience dealing with these cases‚ have a very extensive knowledge base‚” Maserumule said.

‘Expropriation without compensation meant nothing to me until my land was taken’ Dr Motodi Samuel Maserumule Times Live 31/8/2018

We are indebted to Sara Gon for her timeline which starkly illustrates just how the African National Congress has sought to mislead the country about its land seizures list and its intentions.

As she aptly summed up in her Politicsweb article:

  • There is a list of 139 farms;
  • Neither the ANC nor the Department deny it;
  • The ANC’s list has become the government’s list;
  • The Department is taking orders from the ANC before the matter has gone through the necessary parliamentary processes.

Suitably encouraged by the ANC’s stance the EFF has encouraged land seizures throughout the country.

Here’s what Max du Preez had to say about Afriforum in a News24 article in July last year:

  • AfriForum trades in fear and ethnic mobilisation. It only serves the interests of Afrikaans Christians.
  • It has demonstrated repeatedly that intolerance, ethnic chauvinism, intimidation, crude propaganda, confrontation and provocation are part of its strategic arsenal.
  • In the eyes of most South Africans, they are hard-core racists and this has done much damage to the popular perception of Afrikaners, because they parade as the true face of Afrikaners.

Ironically enough, among the first victims of these land seizures were Dr Motodi Samuel Maserumule and his partners when four farms they had bought and to which they had legal title, were occupied and sub-divided.

Ironically enough, Max du Preez was nowhere to be seen in their hour of need and it was Afriforum – you know, the organisation that serves only Afrikaner Christians, the people that according to du Preez most South Africans regard as ‘hard-core racists’ – who are now regarded by Dr Maserumule as ‘God-sent’ and who immediately responded to their cri de cœur.

The experience of Dr Maserumule and his partners is hardly an isolated one.

Read the conclusion of Setumo Stone in this City Press article:

So who will protect you when the ANC henchmen take the land? If anything, this is a small window into the future. It is a microcosm of what could happen when crooked government officials and their ANC-connected acolytes get their filthy paws on land. You are in trouble.

Stone sets out in detail how his family, who were farming on land leased from the State, had that land hi-jacked in a scam facilitated by the ANC Youth League. What is most disturbing about this article is his claim that the Public Protector not only condoned this land seizure but endorsed and promoted it.

Justice Malala speaks of similar experiences.

Pravin Gordhan has called upon us to ‘join the dots’ and, I would suggest, his advice is imperative when one tries to analyse the reasons behind Gwede Mantashe’s call for the state to seize land without compensation from those who own more than 12 000 hectares.

Many such farms are white-owned game farms and in the Karoo.

As Minerals Resources Minister, Mantashe is privy to information about some pretty tasty uranium and shale gas deposits in the Karoo.

Connect the dots.

The Land Bank has been predated upon again and again by the ANC’s illegally-deployed cadres.

In 1999 they drove out Helena Dolny and the first tranche of R800 million immediately went to Pamodzi Investment Holdings which had no involvement in agriculture but did have Manne Dipico and Kgalema Motlanthe as shareholders.

More recently a former ANC deputy minister of agriculture, Rubben Mohlaloga, was convicted for his role in a scam which saw Land Bank coffers being depleted by R6 million.

Now the Land Bank faces an even greater challenge with its chairman, Arthur Moloto, saying that Expropriation Without Compensation could trigger a default and cost the country R41 billion at the very least.

In the meantime the farm attacks continue, but it is thanks not to Max du Preez but to Ernst Roets of Afriforum and the Afriforum farm murder researcher Lorraine Claassen that we now have those farm murders comprehensively documented in his book Kill the Boer.

With one land claim farm after another after another  failing – 90% of them have failed – the ANC has yet to provide any cogent and conclusive evidence of why its latest Glorious National Democratic Revolution Expropriation Without Compensation project is going to prove any more successful in improving the country’s food security as more and more foreign countries seek to benefit from the expertise of South Africa’s farmers who live in constant fear.

John Kane-Berman sums it up well in a recent Politicsweb article:

… the stated intention of President Ramaphosa and his party is to arm themselves with the power to expropriate white farmers (and in due course no doubt others) without compensation. Those who pretend otherwise are trying to lull everyone into a sense of false comfort. Or they have their own heads in the soil.

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