The Unaccountability and Blind Faith of Moments and Movements

In light of the fallist movement here at home in South Africa, and what is happening across the Atlantic Ocean in the USA on the part of snowflake leftists (as well as throughout the world), these words by Richard Cobden (spoken during the Crimean War) have a particular resonance:

“Where is the man of sense, courage and honesty who will deliberately say that the truth ought not to be spoken because it does not flatter the pre-conceived impressions of the hour?”

Sometimes the pre-conceived impressions and ideas are so loud that the truth is just pushed to the side, deliberately so. These dangerous precedents do not bode well for individual freedoms as the concept of debate is reduced to little more than who shouts the loudest decides what is right, wrong and acceptable, and warps reality to suit the flavour of the day.

Jonathan Wright

Jonathan is a volunteer writer and researcher for Gun Owners South Africa, regularly working to further firearms rights in South Africa. He holds a BA inInternational Studies, and is studying a postgraduate LLB at the University of Stellenbosch.

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