Why the Disparity in Hate Crime Findings?

“The first case (Bongani Masuku) was resolved eight years after it was initiated and punishment was a public apology. The second case (Penny Sparrow) was completed in less than nine months with punishment of fines of R150 000 and R5000 or twelve months imprisonment, two...

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“The first case (Bongani Masuku) was resolved eight years after it was initiated and punishment was a public apology. The second case (Penny Sparrow) was completed in less than nine months with punishment of fines of R150 000 and R5000 or twelve months imprisonment, two years imprisonment suspended conditionally for five years, and obliged to make two public apologies.” – Sara Gon, Politicsweb 13/7/2017

“Roets said the (Vicki Momberg) sentence comes a few days after a major in the South African National Defence Force was reprimanded after he said that the attackers of a badly beaten and elderly white man should have gone further and poked his eyes out and cut his tongue off.

‘The reality in South Africa is thus that a white person who insults a black person goes to prison, while a senior officer in the defence force who says that white people’s eyes and tongues must be stabbed out is simply asked nicely not to repeat it’.” – Ernst Roets, News24 28/3/2018

While the effective two-year sentence imposed on Vicki Momberg was met with predictable accolades from the ANC, the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation, Barney Pityana, Adriaan Basson and others, it was left to Rebecca Davis, writing for Daily Maverick to inject an obvious note of legal caution:

“Although the egregiousness of Momberg’s words is undeniable, her sentence is surprising. A first offender convicted of crimen injuria would ordinarily be sentenced to a fine and a jail sentence suspended on condition that the offender does not re-offend.”

In his weekly IOL column, William Saunderson-Meyer was more explicit:

“The prosecution was politically motivated, the sentence wildly disproportionate to the crime. This was vengeance, not justice.”

Momberg was clearly traumatised as any victim of crime, especially hate crime, would be and her behaviour at all times was furthermore, so aberrational that it bordered on bizarre. A witness stated under oath that he believed she was bipolar. If true, that would be an extenuating circumstance. So, why did Magistrate Pravina Raghoonandan not call for a psychiatric assessment?

Concerns have also been raised as to why those accused of murder and rape are routinely given bail while Momberg was denied this right. Bail is not granted when the accused is a danger to society and a flight risk and that is why it was granted to Oscar Pretorius and Henri van Breda who is accused of the murder of his parents and brother and the attempted murder of his sister.

But not Momberg?

And it was left to AfriForum’s Ernst Roets to point out the astonishing discrepancy between the punishment meted out to Momberg – who did not advocate the physical harm of black people – and the verbal reprimand from his employers which Major MV Mohlala suffered after he called on Facebook for a savagely assaulted and elderly white cleric, who had witnessed the murder of a friend, to suffer further injury and death – to be blinded and have his tongue cut out before also being murdered.

When Roets points out that 113 criminal charges have been laid in the past year against people who publicly incited murder, rape, assault and even genocide against white people – effectively without consequence – then white South African citizens who are theoretically equal to all other South Africans in terms of the Constitution and the Freedom Charter, should take cognisance of the ANC’s overt message and the extent to which our police force has been captured and politicised.

The silence about Major Mohlala from the ANC, the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation, Barney Pityana and Adriaan Basson was as deafening as it was when Bongani Mkongi MP called for people to be burnt to death and was duly rewarded by the ANC which subsequently made him Deputy Minister of Police.

Driven into penury

The ANC, in its constant efforts to demonise whites, has turned an elderly woman, Penny Sparrow, with no previous convictions and who has no record of ever physically harming anyone or calling for anyone to be physically harmed, into a fugitive in her own country – too frightened to venture outside her home without a disguise, constantly expecting to be attacked and driven into penury in the autumn of her life by a relentless hate campaign of ethnic execration.

All this while the anti-Semitic hate speech of Cosatu’s Bongani Masuku (no different in principle from that of Fatima Hajaig or Marius Fransman) results – after an eight year delay – in the so-called Equality Court calling for no greater sanction than an apology.

It is interesting to look at one of the main agents of the ANC’s anti-white campaign, the South African Human Rights Commission, and its blatant ethnic bias as illustrated by Sara Gon’s anchor quote to this article.

What the research by Solidarity showed – without response or rebuttal – is that the South African Human Rights Commission is just another ANC trough, misusing its powers to vengefully prosecute the ANC’s policy of racial polarisation against the rapidly dwindling ethnic minority who are now denigrated as ‘1652s’ by those who culturally necklace paintings as they ‘burn whiteness’ and whose fallist apparel calls – without the slightest condemnation – for whites to be killed.

The Ahmed Kathrada Foundation, through board members like Derek Hanekom, has also taken a strong lead in vilifying the 70-year old Penny Sparrow while showing no equivalent concern about the barbaric murders of our food providers which have become an almost weekly occurrence and for those who live in constant and justifiable fear as numerous memorials such as Treurgrond testify.

Every effort was made by the ANC to ensure that Penny Sparrow would never again get work as an estate agent and when this had the desired effect and she was rendered destitute, up popped the avuncular ‘Uncle Gweezy’ with some pseudo uBuntu:

“In an affidavit before court‚ ANC Secretary General Gwede Mantashe accepted that Sparrow was destitute.

‘The respondent [Sparrow] has indicated her inability to satisfy the debt … whilst being mindful of the abhorrent conduct of the respondent [Sparrow]‚ we accept her financial position currently is dire and it is on this basis that we consent to vary the court order.'”

Bizarre fine

And what of the bizarre R150 000 fined imposed on the penniless Penny Sparrow by Equality Court magistrate, Irfaan Khalil, something surely without precedent in the history of South African jurisprudence.

Sparrow’s daughter, Charmaine Cowey, gave further insights at this hearing of her mother’s state of health and mind, saying that she was ill and feared for her life:

“She’s sick with sugar diabetes. She is unable to come to court today because of the stress that this has caused. She tried to get legal counsel but no one will represent her.”

But this did not deter magistrate Khalil who seems not to have heard of the concept of tempering justice with mercy.

During the same period that the Penny Sparrow debate was raging, Velaphi Khumalo, a civil servant, called for a Nazi-style, genocidal extermination of South African whites.

So what happened to Khumalo?


After a warning from his employers he disappeared and the purported Equality Court seems unconcerned and there is nothing on record to indicate that it is trying to find him.

As Ernst Roets pointed out in his testimony before the SA Human Rights Commission’s hearing on racism and hate speech on social media last year – the double standards are stark.

When the victim in the coffin assault case, Victor Mlotshwa, was invited to take off his shirt in court and display the injuries allegedly inflicted on him by Willem Oosthuizen and Theo Jackman, he declined because he had not suffered any physical harm. Despite this, Jackman and Oosthuizen were sentenced to more than a decade behind bars – for insulting and frightening someone.

In a Politicsweb article, Pieter Groenewald of the Freedom Front Plus, subsequently provided startling anomalies of the ethnic bias which has now, thanks to the ANC, become inherent in our legal system.

Unsurprisingly, Jackman and Oosthuizen were granted leave to appeal and it remains to be seen whether Vicki Momberg is granted similar recourse to a further hearing.

What I, as a media person, found utterly odious was the overt and public contempt towards bereaved and traumatised white Afrikaners displayed by Kevin Ritchie, former regional executive editor, Gauteng, for Independent Media, whose ethnic slurs included words like ‘mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging, two-tone khaki, kak haircut, vellie.’

So dire has the farm murder situation become that our food providers are increasingly abandoning their homes at night to seek shelter in the relative safety of nearby towns. Yet, when Australian home affairs minister Peter Dutton brought the bestial murder of South African farmers – sometimes accompanied by torture lasting for days – to world attention, the advice from Kevin Ritchie was that these victims of primeval violence were welcome to emigrate.

They don’t need his encouragement. Our food providers are doing that already.

He has suffered no sanction for his flagrant and despicable ethnic bias and Sanef, allegedly a proponent of ethical news gathering and dissemination, has maintained its usual and complicit silence about this egregious abuse by Ritchie of his media influence and reach to ratchet up hatred against a specific section of our population.

After two decades of catastrophically corrupt ANC governance, any opportunity to accuse whites of racism will be exploited, regardless of the innocence of the accused as the Tiger Tiger case showed. This was not a solitary example as the Black Face accusation at Stellenbosch University and the perjured evidence against two white University of the Orange Free State students proved.

Barney Pityana ends his News24 article headlined “We need to make racism unacceptable” with a stirring call to arms:

“We need to make racism unacceptable – in private, among family and friends, or in public spaces. South Africans must call a halt to racism. Racism, no more!”

Unsurprisingly, however, he makes no mention in his article of the virulent anti-Semitism of Marius Fransman, Fatima Hajaig and Bongani Masuku, or of Julius Malema who has stated for the record and on the record that the genocidal slaughter of whites is ineluctable – but not right now – and called for the slitting of white throats in Port Elizabeth before inciting a wave of land invasions.

This prompted John Fraser of the Cape Messenger to ask an obvious question:

“Does the law favour black racists?”

Apartheid in reverse

What is very troubling is the finding during the most recent poll by the Institute of Race Relations – that 61% of black African respondents now agree that whites must take second place South Africa.

History repeats itself as an apartheid era ethos – in reverse this time – makes an unwelcome return after two decades of the ANC‘s divisive misrule.

Small wonder, then, that a rapidly dwindling ethnic minority plans a foreign future for its children as South Africa becomes less and less of a meritocracy and under the ANC continues its freefall against every international measure of ethical and effective governance.

That the race merchants are completely unashamed of this brazen ethnic bias is not surprising.

When you have looted your country into junk status and made it an international pariah through your support of the world’s most vicious despots while repeatedly denying the Dalai Lama an entrance visa; when children die in pit toilets while the country is literally overwhelmed in a tsunami of excreta and preventative maintenance is regarded as a ‘foreign paradigm’; when striking miners  holding their arms aloft in surrender are  executed  at close range by the supposed guardians of the law; when mentally ill people disappear without trace while your illegally deployed cadres spend millions on parties; when ANC cadres ceaselessly murder  one another in the hope of getting access to the trough – then the race card is all you have left to play.

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