Would you work for an 2-4, maybe 5 percent commission?

Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy; its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery. – Winston S. Churchill Great fuss is made by assorted socialists and other valuable members of the “never closing club of...

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Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy; its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.

– Winston S. Churchill

Great fuss is made by assorted socialists and other valuable members of the “never closing club of the eternally annoyed, insulted, suppressed and downtrodden” (in other words, by failed individuals who would – to adapt a quip from Otto von Bismarck – also have failed in other subsidized jobs and especially in real free market jobs where the good, hard wind of competition from all directions is blowing) about families of entrepreneurs possessing a huge amount of partly-inherited wealth, being able to go sailing in their own yachts (I won’t), living in palaces (I don’t), driving RR or Bentleys (I can’t), possessing private jets (I go tourist class with the most pricey airline), which is in their gutter mind, of course, highly unjust and attracts the ire of the professional and, in most cases, subsidized “social justice warriors”.

Are all the bureaucrats, the subsidized Marxists in academia, “the socialists in all parties” (cf. Friedrich August von Hayek) and all other receivers of subsidies (from agriculture to unmarried mothers) aware what the precise economic advantages and values of one successful enterprise are? And have they understood that success is only possible if the consumers, the clients, the customers accept the products and services of one enterprise?

Have they added through all the years of the enterprises’  existence:

– the salaries paid out,

– the fringe benefits received,

– the taxes on salaries,

– other taxes levied on labour,

– contributions to social security,

– income tax paid by the owners,

– corporate income tax paid by the enterprise,

– the economic value of all the investments done,

– the VAT on its products and services,

– VAT paid by the employed as consumers which they can be as receivers of a salary,

– the general value of the products and services produced and provided,

– the possibility to make savings due to all the salaries and other payments done,

– revenues from exports and imports caused by the enterprise,

– the value of purchases from all kind of business partners,

– the value of patents and all kind of immaterial protective rights created,

– the value of all other civil rights created under that framework (for example the house a worker can build and own),

– the contribution to general economic stability and growth.

Have they – those socialist and nihilist nincompoops – ever thought of calculating all these advantages, and compare it with the entrepreneurs’ income and the wealth of the owners? Surely not, as they can’t calculate.

I bet that income and acquired wealth are very moderate compared with  those enlisted advantages accumulated  together, and even if the enterprise runs through generations (which is not easy, as I know from my own family), it is not more than 2-4 (maybe at most 5) percent of the accumulated value mentioned above. I normally never bet. But now I bet a crate of Villiera Brut rose Champagne that I am right. Bolshies, come on… challenge me!

Can any other way of organizing an economy compare with that kind of success and production of wealth? Are central planning and commanding bureaucracies cheaper? Are all the subsidized fat cats in politics, banks and institutionalized agitators of social justice  aware who is really productive and who is paying the bill? Surely not.

Have we ever calculated the economic costs of all kinds of socialism and welfare states? I do not speak about the cruel costs due to mass murder, genocide and tyranny. These costs should alone be enough to deter every decent one to ‘go’ red. Just the economic costs I speak about. In 1914 in a stupid totalitarian world war, socialism started – it was no coincidence that the German High command organized Lenin’s travel in 1917 into Russia and paid him then millions of “Goldmarks” to further his cause. And then comes one red revolution after the other and that includes FD Roosevelt’s “New deal”, fascists’ economic blunders – although you have to admit in organizing sometimes they had been more productive – blunders by “social democrats” and the ever expanding welfare state in Europe and North America.

That is the one and only triumph of cultural Marxism – it did not abolish the materially rich; it made them vulgar like any gutter-boy, and made them cowards who do not dare to speak out what they actually do for state, economy and society and are actually ashamed of themselves. Therefore, believing that wearing ill-fitting blue-jeans and sneakers make them “people like us”. No, they are not people like us – real entrepreneurs and builders of lasting enterprises are exceptional. They have any right to acquire wealth, enjoy it and leave to whomever they believe is worthy of that.

I repeat my question from the headline: Would you work for an 2-4 maybe 5 percent commission? No, I won’t and socialists and assorted nihilists and bureaucrats, red academics and bolshies and subsidized scum of all kind also won’t, but real entrepreneurs do, did it and will do also in future !

And therefore we should say: “Thank God!”

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