YouTuber Explains Critical Theory and Political Correctness

A YouTube user known as ‘Thorium’ has created an introductory video explaining cultural Marxism (more formally known as ‘Critical Theory’) and the offshoot schools of thought which exist prominently today. In the South African context, Black Consciousness is perhaps the most well-known of these schools. Thorium has created a Patreon page (the link of which is quoted below the video) to help him fund the creation of these explanatory videos. I highly recommend considering such a donation. He shows a hereinto unknown willingness to conduct objective research into the Frankfurt School which other classical liberals often simply shrug off as illogical and leave it at that. Thorium provides an explanation of Critical Theory and then proceeds to deconstruct it. With the study of cultural Marxism being a part time hobby of mine, I really hope to see his project turn out successful!

To understand the emergence of political correctness, social justice, modern feminism, et al, one must first understand the history of Cultural Marxism.





Daniel Friberg’s “The Real Right Returns”:

More on Critical Theory:

Marcuse’s “Repressive Tolerance”:

Martin van Staden

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